Battle Tested: Strategic vs. Regular Troops


This is General Bow from K86. I’ve been playing Game of War for a year and a half now and have always wondered how much stronger strategic troops were vs regular troops. I did a post (Proof Strategic Troops Are Best) on this site in the past but a lot of people complained that the strongholds were not equal and therefore the results would be incorrect. We all know that strategic troops are stronger and weaker at the same time, but by how much.  So, I decided to test this theory.  I built two accounts with identical research and hero gear and decided to put this theory to test...

Strategic vs. Regular Troops Data

These tests were done with equal SH 14 accounts with no heroes and equal research done. Therefore, all boosts/bonuses are the same.

Game of War Strategic vs Regular Troops

Interpreting The Data

You can see both accounts are equal because when they attack each other they lose the same amount of troops.

Tests 5-7:Notice that strat vs. reg results in only 11% strat loss yet 13% reg loss

Tests 8,9: Attacking strat with reg will result in more losses than attacking strat with strat.

Tests 10,11: Attacking reg with strat will result in more kills than attacking reg with reg.

Tests 8-11: The defender lost the same amount of troops each test regardless of regular or strategic or a mix of the two, but the more strategic troops the defender had the more they killed of the attacker.

Key Takeaways

  1. Don't waste your time with regular troops ever
  2. Only build and use strategic troops for everything...



Here is a file with all the battle reports: Strategic vs. Regular Reports (keep in mind these tests were done with equally mixed troops)

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  1. I see so many comments with people fussing about having to pay a fee to be a premium member. Lol I WANT to be a premium member and don’t see where the option to become one is. Please help.

  2. If what you’re saying is true, What is the point of and why would the developers makes Regular troops for the game in the first place?

    • Well first of all strategic troops used to very expensive to research. Although now normal troops are very useful for trap accounts since they only have one troop weakness.

  3. Hello Chad,

    Great Work.

    Do you mind sharing the battle details report for the above? Are both side losing the same amount of troops of each type for Strat vs Reg Scenario?

    Do you mind sharing the details battle report. Any idea what’s the ratio for Reg vs Strategic troops of the same type? Example Reg Infantry vs Stratrgjc Infantry – is it still 1:1 troop lost ratio for both side? Is there breakeven ratio for example how many Reg Infanyry will draw with 1 x Strategic range. I have done some testing on regular troops vs regular troops of various combination on tile (test cities same build, same research and hero rest to 0 boots) the result are constant,. Didn’t have chance to test the strat troops yet, I will be greatly appreciate if you happen to have the battle details or any further facts to share with us?



  4. mark tischhauser

    From a trap perspective, how would this information be affected by troop type and the greater scope of regular troops, since you can’t account for the type of troops attacker or often get a mix. For example, while t2 reg infantry may not hit as hard on strat cavalry as a strat infantry would, is there a benefit in that reg troops may have more even attack against other troop types. From a defender/trap angle this could be vital as we don’t control the attack make up and I can envision potential scenarios where slight increase in overall % on attacks from defending reg troops could offset the mini boost in attack for strat troops. Does that make sense?

  5. Christian Cunha

    Well done Chad!! You got some good data here. Thank you General Bow

  6. Does the same go for Traps?

  7. I note that the test is done using mixed troop type. The challenge is when I attack. I like to send only 1 troop type, and attacking a city with multiple troop type, my strat troops may be less powerful without regular troops of the same kind. Is there a case to send regular inf for example with my strat inf?

  8. Damacus Fire Steel Sword vs Razor Ribbon Wand

    Can you perform a battle test to see which one is better?

    And one with Xena helm, weapon, shoes
    Regular or Special Event gear (troop attack)