Weekly Review: Stronghold Level 100 Overview

SavageArab goes over the newest updates to Game of War Fire Age: Stronghold Level 100

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Stronghold Level 100 – What Does This Mean for Game of War Fire Age?

Stronghold Level 100

Game of War: Fire Age is going to start getting interesting very soon with the huge drop of Stronghold Level 100.

Not only does our new Stronghold provide a nice assortment of stats, but it comes equipped with a sleek new look.

Stronghold 100

Additionally, for the whales of GoW, if you’re are lucky enough to get be the first ten players to get to Stronghold Level 100, you’ll receive a special reward, which looks to be a cool and different skin for your Stronghold.

Stronghold Special

Some of the base benefits that it provides include:

868,000 March Size

2,926,000 Rally Capacity

50,000% Troop Attack

60,000% Troop Defense

35,000% Troop Health

40,000% Enemy Troop Attack Debuff

40,000% Enemy Troop Defense Debuff

32,500% Enemy Troop Health Debuff

50,000% Empire Assault Troop Attack

55,000% Empire Assault Troop Defense

32,500% Empire Assault Troop Health

54,000% Empire Defender Troop Attack

60,000% Empire Defender Troop Defense

36,000% Empire Defender Troop Health

45,500% Wonder Rally Troop Attack

45,500% Troop Attack While Occupying the Wonder

32,500% Wonder Troop Health

85,400,000 Max Troop Count

63,000,000 Max Mercenary Troop Count

Stronghold Benefits

Also, you’ll gain the following when you unlock the max benefits of Stronghold Level 100:

72,800 Hospital Capacity

392% Hospital Healing Speed

9,800,000 Resource Help Capacity

122.5% Research Speed

1.4B Storehouse Capacity

539,000 Reinforcement Capacity

98% Crafting Cost Reduction

140,000 Maximum Trap Count

10,000% Scout Bonus Cost

2d 7h 30m Detention Time Decrease

371% Hero XP Modifier

100% Hero XP Retention

49,000 Troop Training Queue

420% Training Speed

Stronghold Max Benefits

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