Stronghold Level 80, VIP 81 – 90, Weekly Recap

SavageArab Discusses the Massive Buffs from Stronghold Level 80 and the Disappointing VIP Levels 81 through 90

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Stronghold Level 80, VIP 81 – 90, Weekly Recap

Stronghold Level 80 was recently released and SavageArab goes over all the benefits in his new video!

There’s a huge amount of debuffs that are granted from Level 80 Stronghold so it’s recommended that you get to this quickly.

Additionally, The Storehouse, The Forge, and The Academy all grant various Enemy Troop Debuffs. The bonuses are huge so it’s highly recommended to upgrade these as well.

Unfortunately, with amazing drop came another drop that’s been a very disappointing drop: VIP 81 to 90.

Despite the benefits it grants, the number of VIP Points you need to upgrade quite ridiculous. It might be best to wait it out and see if MZ adjusts the costs in a recent patch or grants players other methods (VIP Packs) to achieve level 90.

Lastly, there’s a few banners that were released and a new Hero 2, so quite a few drops throughout the week.

Are you excited about the new Stronghold Levels? Are the debuffs it provides a welcome addition? Will you dive deep into the new VIP levels or are you going to wait until they’re more affordable?

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