Styx Core Set Stats and Battle Results

Styx Core Set Game of War Fire Age

The next generation of Infantry missile cores has arrived. This set replaces Perses Core Set.

Styx Core Set From the Official Game of War Blog

Give your enemies a one-way ticket to the AFTER-LIFE with the new Styx Core Set!

This Set massively enhances the effectiveness of your Infantry Troops! Power Up and equip the Set for 6750% Infantry Attack, 2150% Enemy Defense Debuff, and 2000% Infantry Health and more!

Styx Core Set Stats

I crafted a set with Hero 73 using a Behemoth Infantry Attack Boost 1000%, typical Witch's Promise Potion, Power Up Banner, Warden's Banner, 700% Attack and Defense Debuff Boost.  Wow, there's a lot of boosts to remember these days... Anyway, here is the results:

Styx Core Set Crafted and boosted to 7 with New Year Attack Gem Set:

Styx Core Set Game of War Fire Age Crafted Cores

Styx Core Set Game of War Fire Age Infantry Attack

Styx Core Set Game of War Fire Age Troop Attack

Base Set Bonus

Styx Core Set Base Set Bonus Game of War Fire Age

Base Set Bonus Continued

Styx Core Set Game of War Fire Age

Full Set Bonus

Styx Core Set Full Set Bonus Game of War Fire Age

With Hero 75 a player can add another 1800% attack and 1000% defense debuff.

Styx Core Set in Action

Styx Core Set Battle Test Game of War Fire Age

Styx vs. Glacial King Game of War Fire Age GoW

Styx Core Set Burns

Styx Core Set Battle Report Game of War Fire Age GoW

The target was full of T3, T4, and T5 however, upon scout report we learned his research could use some work.


Styx Core Set provides additional attack and defense debuff that we would expect to see from a next generation core set that is at least better than the generation before.  The increase is slight, however, add this slight increase to the Hero 75 release and Tier 5 research and troops and Styx core set can really pack a punch!

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  1. Where’s full set bonus stats? Not showing

  2. That is a fun burn, but during KVK you technically lost in points on that hit even though he burned

    Also a quick question…are you showing those stats from hero boost screen or in stats screen under presets?

    • Those were equipped from the boost page… Rarely will I post stats from preset since it doesn’t include the correct set bonus stats. Great question!

  3. wow – 15k troop attack – how?

  4. Styx Core
    well – why is set bonus is 80%

  5. StillLearningAttack

    Could you please tell me where to find examples of hero skills points? Thank you.

    • Example of a Missile Core Skill setup – Nike Hero skill tree will depend on the number of skills you have, ie. hero level. However, I can point you in the right direction. If you are Hero 70+ you can easily grab Base Set Bonus down the right side of the tree. Take only the minimums you need there. Next, take the minimum skills down to the most desirable skill. The most desirable skills for a missile core set such as Styx is Troop Attack, Defense Debuff, and Infantry Attack. Health Debuff and Attack Debuff are secondary priority. Finally, infantry health and troop health is third priority. Defense is not helpful when your troops are greatly outnumbered. In this situation you want health.

      Full Set Bonus
      Altar Attack and Health
      Battle Mark Target

      Should you need more help let me know. 🙂 Our updated Hero Skill Tool is in the works…

  6. Very nice burning a glacier king set! Could you please tell me what your overall enemy defense debuff was? I didn’t see it on your stats. Thanks!