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The Team taking Game of War by Storm

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Super Wonder, as usual, brought much excitement to the GOW community. This old-school event keeps the masses enthralled. Even if you aren’t participating on a Super Wonder team, many old friends and enemies find their way there, if only to laugh at the trolls in KC. This past Saturday brought us an enjoyable Game of War Super Wonder with some new teams who put up a solid fight.

Team 73V has dominated events lately, though and this Super Wonder was no different as 73V once again had an impressive win. Who will be the team that can finally beat them? What does Team 73V have that everyone else seems to be missing? Huck and Kira have led the 73V team to victory two times in a row now. While others have tried, this team has a recipe to conquer all.

Team 73V

Who is Team 73V? This group of people proves diversity can be the spice of life. They have the strategists, manpower, and spirit.  As a family of players, they’ve evolved in the game and are now a force.

Team 73VThe Strategists

Team 73V has negotiated alliances with some of the game’s most powerful strategists. Over time, they have worked to recruit active, skillful players; patience and precision is paying off. They spend days and weeks prepping for this event, testing and making sure their setups are solid. The team that comes to steal your wonder is just practicing for the next Super Wonder.

The Manpower

Super Wonder is not a one-man event, no matter how many wish it were. Super Wonder requires significant active manpower. You need people willing to endure sleepless nights, and hide in the bathroom with their phone when necessary (don’t lie.. We all do it). Team 73V has a strong team that is willing to sacrifice sleep and sometimes, even food. They schedule people, ready to work around the clock. And if something happens to the first person, you better believe there is a backup. Victory requires preparation, and 73V likes to win.

The Spirit

73V is depicted by a wolf, and that depiction is apt since wolves symbolize spirit and cooperation. 73V is all about “team”, and their conversations during events can easily be described as spirited. This team loves the game and the people that come with the game. They want to excel, and they do!

The Secret

With all of this said, we are left to wonder (Super wonder… ha) what sets them apart. None of this seems like a secret, other teams have these factors, yet 73V continues to build a dynasty and conquer over all. They must have another secret. Well, Teamrealtips asked Emperor Huck what his secret was and we found out…

Or did we? It’s not really a secret.

“I think what makes us great:

  1. Many of us have played together for 4 years and we know how to help each other.
  2. We really test things… gems, banners and gear.
  3. We always have a top grade account to lead.
  4. We have schedule for key roles prior to event
  5. Most importantly, we are relentless… like a pitbull. We keep going and going and going. Our leads and fillers are highly experienced and stay in long hours to win, and we have learned a number of tricks along the way.”

 ~73V Huckster

What makes 73V strong is a strong team that plans and plans, and never gives up. This team is proving over and over again that they are champions and have earned well the titles they hold. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for events to come! The battle is always the best part!

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