Super Combat Research – Be Super!

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It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Superman! Are you ready to feel like Superman? Or Superwoman (Cause we know the ladies rock Game of War)? Super Combat Research is here and it will make you feel invincible!

So today we will break down this research into two sections. We will look at the research itself and the requirements, then discuss the stats and the strategy behind it.

The Research

This research is like Champions Research split into three sections. Each of these sections takes a different item and gives different boosts and stats. Let’s take a look at these!

First Research Tree

  • Requires Super Combat Scrolls
  • This tree provides Combat Benefits that we are all familiar with. However, some of the stats provided in this tree are HUGE!! Including Resolute Defense stats, March Size Boosts,  and Attack Stats!

Second Research Tree

  • This research tree requires Super Combat Parchment
  • This tree offers some of the standard stat increases that we are familiar with but it also introduces new stats! Including Super Troop Attack, Super Troop Defense, Super Troop Attack Debuff, and More!

Third Research Tree

  • This Research requires Super Combat Plan
  • This tree offers more of the new stats, more of the stats we are familiar with and another new stat! This tree provides stats to increase Attack, Defense, health, attack debuff, rally and wonder attack and more while in the forest! This brings back some of the things we saw in the Kingdom of Champions where marches were stronger in the forest!

The Stats

Next up we are going to take a look at some of the Combat Benefits that are provided by this research and how they are helpful either as a lead or trap. We will look at how this research will affect your ability to protect your Stronghold and your ability to burn others!


First up, attack! This research gives MASSIVE attack stats. We have never before seen attack stats at these sizes and they are going to hurt! Yesterday a max lead was around 450KTTT Attack, this research adds massive amounts of attack when maxed!

  • Tree One adds 1MTTT in Troop Attack
  • Tree Two adds 1.51 MTTT in Troop Attack
  • Tree Three adds 2.51 MTTT in Troop Attack

That adds up to about 5MTTT Attack! This is an increase in epic proportions! So what does this mean for leads? First off, things are going to burn! Already we are seeing more one hit zeroes from players who are not ready!

Wasn't Ready

So that’s great as a lead and that attack is just the normal combat benefits! That does not even include the attack that is available from the new stats! So if you want to set the world on fire, here’s your chance! However, we also have to look at this from the perspective of defense. This massive amount of attack will once again make it dangerous for leads to have their heroes out! So what do we do? That leads us to Defense!


I love research as a trap player. Research is a place you can get additional defense stats and people cannot see it if you have anti-scout up! Looking at this new research and the Attack and the Debuffs in it is honestly scary! These numbers are huge! How is anyone supposed to be safe?

Here’s how, yes there will need to be adjustments for this research! You will need more stats and more troops. However, this research helps provide those! This research has two places where we are able to research Resolute Defense. When maxed these two pieces of research add 100BT Resolute Defense!! This far exceeds any increase in Resolute Defense we have ever seen! The current Resolute defense for most players is running around 3 BT. So 100 BT is a huge amount to be added and the biggest leap in defense we have ever seen!

In addition, we still have the research for the new types of defense and there are significant stat increases in troop, legion, and type defense in these trees!

Do I need this?

YES!! This tree provides the biggest increases in Combat Benefits we have ever seen! This research tree is a must for players of all types! While you may be able to compensate for the stats less maxed lead players will have with more troops now, that will not last! As this research begins to be maxed there will be no safety if you do not have the defense increases provided by this research. And let’s be honest, no one wants to be this player.

Training Blessing Please

So are you ready to be Super?

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