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Super Wonder Recap: The Controversial 15 Min March


August 2017 Super Wonder is one for the record books! A new record hold time of nearly 1-day was set by ONE with a combined “team time” (ONE and D:V) of well over a day! Congratulations to Ctesse and her Alliance!

Team ONE with the help of D:V managed over 30 hours of hold time in a 48 hour event.  That’s unbelievable!  How did they do this? Where was everyone else? Let’s take a look at this Super Wonder that some are calling a Clash of Titans while others see it more like a David versus Goliath event.

Ctesse Super Wonder Winners

Former Emperor Stayalive77 team D:V has rejoined (ONE ) and Ctesse to form a diabolical Super Wonder team that will dominate the game if other alliances don’t put their differences aside and focus their strengths against them.

The second day of this event demonstrated the power other teams have if they can work together.  Combined, they were able to reduce ONE’s hold time significantly in comparison to the total domination shown the first day.  

What Was Special About This Super Wonder?

This super wonder required an item to cut march time to the Super Wonder to 15 minutes. Without said item, your march time was over an hour from the first row, slower if you were a few rows back.

Remember, the Super Wonder requires teams to rally and hold the Throne of Fire for the most time.  Hold the longest and you are emperor of Game of War.

However, when two maxed accounts hit one another at the Super Wonder, the defending rally leader usually wins.  Troop health while holding wonder is slightly higher than the attacking rally.  

Why is this? In normal wonder scenarios, the defender usually takes solo marches in addition to the rally.  So, it’s unfair to a defender that the attacker can send solo marches and rally. So, defenders have slightly higher stats than attackers if all research, buildings, boosts, etc are equal.  

However, at the Super Wonder solo marches are not permitted.  So you need an escort rally to hit and weaken the defender for the second rally to successfully hit and hold. Easy right? Well, sort of.  As a blocker or escort, you must time your march with the rally you are escorting.  This Super Wonder required a $100 item every time you launched if you wanted to get there in 15 minutes instead of an hour or more.

High Cost of Super Wonder Deters Teams from Competing

Given you need approximately three 15 minute march speeds per hour for two leaders or is six an hour, for 48 hours. You need roughly 288 items for your alliance!

Now, most alliances running for Emperor will also carry a blocking team or two.  These teams are required to reduce your opponent’s time by knocking them out of the throne immediately before they can reinforce.  For the blocker team to have all their march timers reduced that’s another 288 items for those two teams.  We are now a fully functional Super Wonder organization similar to ONE and D:V who had 3 or 4 heavy hitting rally leaders with plenty of 15 minute march speed ups.

The high cost of the participating in the Super Wonder, due to the requirement of these march speed items, created an unfair advantage for those who had the cash to spend.  It forced players with less monetary resources to bond together and work as a team against their common foe — the front runners of the event.

Stayalive77’s Super Wonder Champions Return to Help Ctesse

You may recall that MGd usually supports ONE and Ctesse. However, this Super Wonder, MGd had a contender their own contender – Allysssa. Therefore, theymade their own run for Emperor.   

Meanwhile, ONE had the help of Divine Vengeance D:V. If you’ve been around Game of War for a few years then you likely recall Stayalive77 and his 12-time Super Wonder champion alliance Divine Vengeance.  Well, legend has it that these players were originally with Ctesse and were taken by Stayalive77.

So, how could anyone compete against the conglomerate comprised of two dynastic emperor teams ONE and D:V!

Teamwork bro! Let’s GO!

An Unlikely Alliance

After the first 24 hours it was clear that (ONE ) and D:V had a plan and the execution was flawless.  A couple other contenders busted through a few times and held. GiggleTx from BU had a very strong showing the first day. Allysssa, with MGd’s help, managed a few holds the first day as well. Former Super Wonder champions 73V Levant had a few technical issues that prevented them from running the first 24 hours. However, they managed to get going the second day and formed a temporary alliance with MGd and PbM.

Front runners, who are going for Emperor don’t mind the cost, but asking a blocker alliance to reset and waste $100 each time is asking quite a lot.  Maybe not the first or second time, but by the 4 and 5 time, it becomes frustrating.  In my opinion, packs should contain 10 or 20 march speed items.

Typical blockers are decent spenders.  They buy a few packs before the Super Wonder to polish off their builds.  They may buy 10 or 15 packs.  This is quite a bit for no glory.  A blockers job is to hit the SW, weakening it for the main rally to take or their job is to hit the enemy out and hand off the hold to the main team. So, really SW’s are won or lost by the strength of your blocking team.  However, after about 6 hours, these blocking players were out of 15 minute march speeds.  Now their march is an hour or more to Super Wonder. Not much help but maybe once an hour to grab a ride to SW.

So instead, these players joined the efforts to slay Goliath (Ctesse).

A couple other teams had basically given up since they didn’t have the march speed boosts required to set, send, cancel, and reset. Eventually, these teams communicated to one another in an effort to work together. Spreading the cost of the march speed item among several leaders who would act as escort for the leaders who had a chance to hold against Goliath.

So, for the first time ever these rival alliances worked together to overcome adversity. It was a ton of fun! We all can’t wait for the next one!

Conclusions and Future Super Wonders

Despite the cost challenges, I do appreciate that every Super Wonder is unique. I’m usually the underdog, but that’s part of what makes controlling the Super Wonder for even a short amount of time pretty satisfying. This Super Wonder proved that even with the best account possible you need support teams to back you up. That’s why MGd and Real Tips have teamed up to take interested Real Tips readers to the Super Wonder. Each month we send an invite out to players interested in joining a team for the Super Wonder.  Next month is no different.  We are looking for alliances who are interested in competing at the Super Wonder in September to contact darkthorne via Line. We’d love to add you to our family for next month’s slaying of the Goliath!

First, thank you to members of MGd alliance, without you we would have no team. Also, thank you to the following Real Tips readers for helping (MGd) this Super Wonder I think I missed a few names, but I tried to get them all down. If I missed you please pm me on line app: “darkthorne”.

AthinaWay, MasterBlast69, 0BlackWidow, JinxyQuinn, PsYc Shark, Soy Mors, Joey080, CripCharlie, XCorleone X, Masonic Moon, Mel 1122, Frankie figs, SwanSong1, DroptheWorld, paow, x0 Merlin 0x, X DSGB  X, BigDaddyRick, FukYouNoob, Prevailuvmid, Demoniea, HafTee2401, xX gSp0t xX, BellzBadazz.

We hope to have you all back for next Super Wonder!  You did a fantastic job!

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