The Super Wonder – Kingdom of Fire

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The Super Wonder. We have all heard the name, but what does it truly mean? What is the Super Wonder? Is it a throne, or title, a kill event? To me it is the one event that bonds all players.

The fight for the right to be called Emperor is one of the favorite parts of the game for many players. There are accounts that exist for the sole purpose of striving to achieve this title or help others achieve this title.

Super Wonder – Bringing Wholeness to the Community

Super Wonder

In an intense battle to conquer, wars are declared, alliances are forged, new enemies and friends are made. For many, the focus is on the throne to help your candidate rise to glory.

However there is another aspect of this event that makes it enjoyable for all.

For three days the Kingdom of Fire opens to all players. Anyone is welcome and a lot join as many players use this time as an extended KvK.

As a Trap, Super Wonder has always been one of my favorite events! It is a time where you can battle players from different kingdoms, get new ideas for your own setup, and test it against some of the most maxed players in the game.

As a Lead, you get the opportunity on a more in-depth look at what burns and what does not and be able to test different hits and see what works best and increase your Kills count!

For those battling for Emperor there are many opportunities for players of all levels. Are you a filler? A blocker? A coordinator? A speeder?

In one three-day event there are so many opportunities available for all players! So regardless of your role and what the Super Wonder means to you, I think it is safe to say that this event does mean something to all of us. I look forward to seeing you all at the next SW. May the odds forever be in your favor.

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