Supreme T7 Troops: Ultimate Combat Tree in Bloom!

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Supreme T7 troops are found in the Ultimate Combat research tree and provide great benefits to all player types! The extension of the Ultimate tree requires sh 35 resources.

Once completed you receive the following stats:

  • 300,000,000 Rally Size
  • 20 B % Attack
  • 20,000,000% Health
  • 19,000,000% Defense
  • 8,000,000% Defense Debuff

Many other improvements are found in this tree. Let’s take a closer look!

Ultimate Combat Tree

In addition to increased rally size, you gain an increase in march size. The maximum rally size to over 300,000,000 with traps.  So, whats it take to finish this tree?  About 4 trillion of each of the t2 resources (rss2).

However, you can unlock all the new Supreme Troops and traps easily with any purchase.  You need lightning shards to unlock the troops.

New Training Gear Set

Along with this release is a new troop training/promoting set called Supreme Exalted General Set. The new set knocks T7 training speed time down considerably.  It reduces it to similar numbers as T6 times. Training Tier 7 Supreme troops also requires rss2.  So, be sure to focus on finishing the research tree first before training troops!

Training Garrison

Along with this tree is an upgraded garrison so you can promote to tier 7. This upgrade is fairly straight forward.  It requires Supreme Troop Manuals and minimal speed ups and resources.


This tree requires about 4 trillion of each new resource type, rss2.  The level 10’s begin at 50,000,000,000 or 50 billion. However, 9 and below are under 15 billion each rss2 per research.

Level 1-6 = 600 B each rrs2

Level 7-9 = 1.6 T each rss2

Level 10 = 2.240 T each rss 2

Total = 4 trillion each rss2

This tree really jumps at level 10. But you gain some fantastic stats at level 9 as well!

I’m still discovering the requirements of this tree and its strengths.  Here is a taste of what I’ve done with it so far!

Tier 7 Heroless Target GoW

The target in this report had just capped me.  Next thing I know my hero is returning along with theirs! They’ve sent me their hero. I check my mail box and sure enough they’ve asked for a test.  Sure, who knows what this new tree can do to a 13 KT heroless. Well, as we see in the above report it was devastating!

This report is level 9 with just tier 6 troops.  The Ultimate Combat tree has great strength. Also, for traps!  More on that soon!


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  1. Xz Lace Xz says

    Is there a set gear that knocks down the amount of rss2 needed for the new Ultimate Combat research? I would think that would be part of this post if you knew of any (Inquisitors) set or Core gear that reduced the amount needed. I think it’s so stupid that these T7 troops require rss2 to train them. There is a production change where you can convert farms from food to cane and Villa’s to bonds but they produce barely anything. 72 an hour is ridiculous. How are smaller players going to compete? How are the thrifty gonna keep up with players that spend money on packs daily? You can win this game by spending more than everyone else. You don’t need to know, just spend more. So stupid!!

  2. Xz Lace Xz says

    I saw you recently when I took a peak into the Kingdom of Fire at the Super Wonder. I guess you didn’t win but I was rooting for you.

    ~Xz Lace Xz from XCIA alliance

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      Thanks! We got 6th for the 6th SW in a row!



    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      Training Gem Set.

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