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T14 is Here! Ascendant Troops – Rise And Dominate


Are you ready to ascend above all and dominate the battlefield? Well now you can with Ascendant troops! Game of War just released these T14 troops that will help you rise on the battlefield!

Mega Stats – Burn Everything You Touch

T14 troops are here with some killer stats! Check out what these researches will add to your City:

  • 500TT Onslaught Attack with Hero
  • 5MTT Troop Attack with Hero
  • 5MTT Legion Attack with Hero
  • 15MTT Rally&Wonder Health
  • 10MT Unstoppable Attack
  • 1MTT Defense Annihilation
  • 500KT Troop Defense Debuff with Hero
  • 500KT Legion Defense Debuff with Hero
  • 500KT Type Defense Debuff with Hero
  • 500KT Troop Defense with Hero
  • 500KT Legion Defense with Hero
  • 100KT Resolute Defense with Hero
  • 1MTT Troop Health with Hero
  • 1MTT Legion Health with Hero
  • 1MTT Type Health with Hero
  • 450 MTT Rally & Wonder Health
  • 225 MTT Mobile Trap Health
  • 2.5MTT Empire Troop & Rally Attack Debuff
  • 2.5 MTT Wonder Troop & Rally Attack Debuff

March Benefits:

  • 150B Total Added March Size
  • 75 B Total Added Trap March Size
  • 600 B Total Added Rally Size
  • 300 B Total Added Trap Rally Size

So these are some great stats and increased march sizes that come along with this new research.

Ascendant Troops

The Prerequisites – Unlock Costs

Now let’s look at the cost. In order to open the different Troop and Traps, you need Ascendant Troop unlocks. Below you can see a table detailing each of the troops and traps and the cost to unlock them.

T14 Reg TroopsAscendent Troop UnlockT14 Strat TroopsAscendant Troop UnlockT14 Wild TroopsAscendant Troop Unlock
Ripper60,000Panther Pit60,000Corrosive Barrels60,000
Blockade65,000Crows Nest65,000Tunneler65,000
Floodgate70,000Floor Blades70,000Mimic70,000
Dragon Slayer55,000Doomlauncher55,000Wall Ripper55,000
Amount1,000,0001,000,0001,000,0003,000,000 Total

The Prerequisites –  Research Tree

Next you have research. The research for this tree is divided into 3:

  • Ascendant Normal Combat
  • Ascendant Strategic Combat
  • Ascendant Wild Combat

In order to complete these trees you need Ascendant Knowledge. The 3 trees thus far appear to cost the same for each level.

Below you can see the data we have collected so far on costs for the Ascendant Normal Combat. If the pattern remains the same for all trees, this cost will translate to both the Ascendant Strategic Combat Tree an Ascendant Wild Combat Tree.

Ascendant Normal Troop Cost Reduction10
Ascendant Troop Stats10
Troop Defense with Hero10,00041,00093,000119,500120,700136,800
Troop Health with Hero11,00043,00094,500119,600120,800138,800
Troop Attack with Hero12,00045,00096,000119,700120,900140,800
Troop Defense Debuff with Hero13,00047,00097,500119,800121,000142,800
March Size14,00049,00099,000119,900121,100144,800
Mobile Trap March Size15,00051,000100,500120,000121,200146,800
Onslaught Attack with Hero16,00053,000102,000120,100121,300
Resolute Defense with Hero17,00055,000103,500120,200121,400
Raly & Wonder Attack18,00057,000105,000120,300121,500
Rally&Wonder Health& Mobile Trap Health19,00059,000106,500120,400121,600
All Rally Size20,00061,000108,000120,500121,700
All Trap Rally Size21,00063,000109,500120,600121,800

Stay tuned for more updates to this Research costs as we are able to provide!

  1. Joel says

    After several emails to MZ support. and always received the stupid generic answer… they havent inserted anything back in their packs about the Ascendant tree research. Several players in our kingdom would like to complete the tree.

  2. bob says

    new stats are only going to be good for a week so why rush lol

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