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T15 Is Here! Radiant Troops – Emerge in Triumph


1, 2, 3, STRIKES and you are out. That’s soon to be the case in Game of War.  T15 Radiant Troops are here with T16 and T17 right behind them.  Watch out because these troops hurt! Radiant troops were released right on the Eve of the SW, making them a must have for all the Rally Leads and a big concern to all the Traps .

GoW T15 Radiant Troops

Radiant Troops – Stride of Illumination

These troops are super strong with a lot of great benefits! In order to complete the research for  troops you need Radiant Knowledge and a new type of resources (RSS). So we now have four tiers of RSS!

GoW tier 4 rss

While Radiant Troops do require new RSS to research, those not needed for troop training! You will use the same resources as you do to train T14 troops. So no worries about running out of RSS for research when training!

Another important thing to note is that when training these troops it requires Supreme Speeds. We previously saw these speeds on research trees and buildings but they have not been used much due to having time reductions. These speeds are different from your traditional speeds however, you are still able to use multiple at one time!

While we are able to currently access T16 and T17 Troops as well these are not easily available as of yet, but here is what we can see coming in the weeks to come:

  • T15 Radiant Troops
  • T16 Ornate Troops
  • T17 Gilded Troops

More updates on stats will be done as this information becomes more accessible.

T15 ResearchBenefit When Maxed
Legion Defense500KT
Troop Attack with Hero1BTT
Type Defense100%
Troop Defense100%
Defense Annihilation with Hero300KT
Resolute Defense500KT
Trap Massacre750B
Legion Massacre750B
Type Massacre100%
Troop Massacre100%
Mobile Trap March Size+100B
Onslaught Attack with Hero80MTT
March Size+70B
Rally & Wonder Health50BTT
Mobile Trap Attack & Health1BTT
Rally & Wonder Attack1BTT
Trap Rally Size+500B
Unstoppable Attack with Hero100%
Rally Size+1T
Multi-Kill Bonus50.1%

So swing for the fence hoping for a home-run or strikeout with these troops. Either way these bad boys are definitely a game changer. Paired with the new Stronghold Levels and the new Hero Levels, this makes for one of the nastiest releases we have ever seen.

  1. Dave Boothe says

    I am with you , I will be looking for a new game to play real soon. this is crazy

  2. Roland says

    This is getting old. .11 troop tiers in 10 months, 5 in just last 6 weeks l…wtf is mz doing?

    Am glad you guys seem excited about all this, but it seems to me the game is either spinning out of control or mz is just clearing everything out of the pipeline so they can stop development in the next few months.

    THEY CANNOT KEEP UP THIS PACE AND FOR EVEN 6 MONTHS AND STILL HAVE A PLAYABLE GAME! If they did, by March we will be on T24, and what’s the point of that?

    The gameplay has already suffered horribly, there is no strategy anymore other than train troops untill you don’t burn. Having a strategy like micro trapping only works if you have the cash to spend to get it to work before they change everything next week….even just being a regular trap now takes atleast a hundred bucks a week just to get the speeds you need.

    Needless to say, not happy with this development.

    1. Roland says

      And on top of that, why do t15 only get a 1.something MTT health boost when t14 gets 105MTT? Is this a MZ typo in the research description?

      1. Blind Eagle says

        The t14 troop health was the highest health the game had ever seen. I doubt MZ will do that again due to the number of players who took advantage this and became invincible

        1. Roland says

          That’s the thing, as I see it t14 would be better than 14….nearly 10x the health…can pick up plenty of attack from runes and gear and research….

    2. Blind Eagle says

      If the game didn’t update it would get old very fast. Updates and new releases are a must for a game to grow but maybe a slower pace

      1. Roland says

        Yes, updates are needed to keep people interested, bit compare updates through the first three and a half years or so (up to t5 release) to the last 10 months (t6 to t17). There is no comparison.

        My suspicion is MZ realizes the user base isn’t growing anymore, and the only ones left playing are spenders willing to shell out cash atleast once a week. They are trying to milk whatever they can from players before they put the game out to pasture.

        I also suspect that was their plan going through t9, but to their amazement, people kept spending so they extended things. Game of war is an old game…over 4 years old now, which is ancient for a mobile game.

        I would be willing to bet mz has a new game in development, and they are spending most of their resources on that….maybe that’s been delayed for some reason, could be another reason they keep extending the life of GOW…

        We will see I guess

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