A Tier Five Troop Overview

A breakdown of new Tier Five Research and the impact on the game

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And then there were Tier Five troops… Whether you are looking forward to the recent release of tier five or dreading it there is no denying that they have arrived and are now a part of the Dragon Dimension in Game of War. 

Meet your new Tier Five Troops and Traps

Tier Five troops are here and along with them, Tier Five traps. Back in the day all of our troops had cool names like Dianas and Juggernauts but nowadays they are just Infantry, Cavalry, Ranged, and Siege and differentiated by their tier. 

Tier Five TroopsThe same holds for traps with us going from bricks, tar, and more to anti-cavalry, anti-infantry, and anti-ranged traps and once again being differentiated only by their tiers. 

Tier Five TrapsUnlocking Tier Five Troops

So these troops and traps are here! How do you find them? While with Strategic and wild troops we saw new research trees T5 has come into play a little differently. Instead of being a new Research Tree of their Tier Five troops have been added on to the end of our combat and wall traps Research tree.

This also brings about the question of whether or not we will see the same thing happen for T5 when it comes to Strategic and Wild Troops. To unlock these troops, you must have completed the prerequisites. This means if you slacked on your building blocks of research you may need to get moving now.  We are going to take a closer look at the research for these troops in the next section. 

What you need to know about the Research

ResearchThis research has a few differences from recent and past research we have seen. We are going to take a closer look at some of these differences and how they impact us as players. However, we are also later in this article going to look at how this research impacts each type of player. 

Items needed to complete the Research 

This research requires both resources and Inspired Research Knowledge this is something that is not surprising and expected when it comes to later levels of research in the game. 

Academy Level Requirements to complete the Research

Tier Five research in the Wall Traps section requires you to have Academy level 40 and in the Combat section, you must have Academy Level 50. Lately, the research we have seen released has not had restrictions based on Academy levels and has been open to players of various levels. This requirement is going to have the biggest impact on traps which we will discuss more later. 

Power Gain with Tier Five Research

Recently we have seen that many of our newer researches do not give power. However, this is not the case with our new Tier Five Research. Tier Five research will give power increases and while this will not impact attackers it is something that traps may want to be aware of as the research gets more advanced how will the power that is given impact you? 

Supporting Research for Tier Five Troops

In the olden days when we saw higher-tiered troops be released, we also saw research that was labeled as “Elite” released alongside these troops. While this research benefitted all of your troops it was specifically to strengthen your Tier Five troops and if you looked at the information it may have said something like:

“Increases Infantry defense. Higher Tier Troops receive a larger boost. Tier Five Receives ‘x amount.’”

However, this is not something we will see with this release of Tier Five troops. The Research that was released alongside the Tier Five unlocks is not specific to your Tier Five troops. What this means is that you will see Tier five troops be effective when you unlock them and you will see them continue to get stronger as you complete the corresponding research, however, you will also see this research strengthening your lower tiers as well. This is not to say that the research is not important by any means!! It just means that the research will serve to strengthen all your troops not just your Tier 5. 

The Impact of Tier Five Troops

So just how strong are Tier Five troops compared to Tier Four? That is an important question as it guides us on our decisions of whether or not the upgrade is worth it. However, before we even begin to dive into that question I want to remind you of the point we just made above. The research that came along with these troops is going to strengthen all your troops and has some nice numbers so it is a research that is worth it. 

However, since the research applies to all of your troops than are Tier five troops going to make an impact? For that to be the case the troops in and of themselves would have to be inherently stronger. 

Well, fortunately, our Favorite Bad Santa ran some tests and we were able to get his permission to use these tests so that we could show you the difference of tier five versus tier four troops in an attack situation. 

Testing Tier Five Troops Versus Tier Four Troops

For these tests, the attacker did not use a monster. Also, the defender’s Dragon was not home and while the attacker did send their dragon it was at full HP for both hits. Both tests involved the use of Cavalry troops with the only difference being the tier of the troops the defender was hit with. 

Tier Four HitTier Five Hit
Defender Overall Loss533,260785,618
Defender Troops Hospitalized533,260785,618
Defender Troops Killed00
Attacker Overall Loss804,793746,126
Attacker Troops Killed646,000646,000
Attacker Dragon HP Loss158,793100,126

With all of the information, we have had the opportunity to gather we are now able to start breaking down Tier Five troops for different types of players. We will take the opportunity to look at tier five troops and the research for each type of player below. 

Tier Five Troops for Attackers and Wonder Players

AttackerAs can be seen above there is an obvious advantage for attackers when using Tier five troops. When looking at the tests the attacker lost less and killed more troops just by switching to Tier Five. The downside to tier five for attackers at this time is the cost. However, there is research available for cost reduction. 

Research for Attackers and Wonder Players

When we are looking at the research for attackers and Wonder Players the Academy levels should be simple as most of these players have already surpassed this point in their build. So really the question comes in on where to focus your research first. 

Wall Traps Research for Attackers

Wall traps research three stats for Attackers:

  • Empire Assault Health (Max: 3,300%)
  • Empire Assault Defense (Max: 4,000%)
  • Empire Assault Attack (Max: 7,200%)
Combat Research for Attackers and Wonder Players
  • Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Health (Max: 4,500%)
  • Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Attack (Max: 9,500%)
  • Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Defense (Max: 4,800%) 
  • Troop Defense and Health (Max Troop Defense Bonus: 4,400% and Max Troop Health Bonus: 4,200%) 
  • Troop Attack (Max: 8,800%) 

For Wonder Players the decision is easy, there are absolutely no stats provided for Wonder Players in the Wall Traps tree. Therefore, Wonder players first and foremost need to focus on the Combat Research Tree. 

With the fact that attackers can get stats from both research trees than where should they focus first? While both trees provide excellent stats the Combat Tree is going to give exponentially more stats that will help attackers in multiple capacities rather than the Wall Traps tree which only helps attackers when attacking another Empire. This is why it is our recommendation to focus in on the Combat tree first and then move on to the Wall Traps tree to get those Empire Assault Stats. 

Tier Five Troops for Traps and other Defenders

DefenseWhen we start looking at this research for traps and other attackers things begin to get more complicated. If you are a player that just wants the ability to fill and defend should you happen to be set on then the need to increase your Stronghold levels so you can have the appropriate Academy level will not be an issue for you, nor will the power gains associated with the research. Tier Five troops are going to be desired more and more for rallies as they gain in popularity and more and more players upgrade. 

However, if you are trapping whether or not you want the visible sign that you have tier five research by upgrading your stronghold to the appropriate levels is going to need to be balanced with whether or not this will reduce the number of hits you can get. Players who have not yet upgraded to these levels are likely to be a preferred target early on. Also, while we are not aware of how much power the later levels of this research

Research for Defenders

For those that do choose to go on to do the Research here are the stats provided in each research tree that are beneficial for defenders. We will discuss the strategy below. 

Wall Traps Research for Defenders
  • Empire Defender Health (Max: 2,500%) 
  • Empire Defender Defense (Max: 3,000%) 
  • Empire Defender Attack (Max: 5,400%) 
Combat Research for Defenders
  • Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Health (Max: 4,500%)
  • Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Attack (Max: 9,500%)
  • Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Defense (Max: 4,800%) 
  • Troop Defense and Health (Max Troop Defense Bonus: 4,400% and Max Troop Health Bonus: 4,200%) 
  • Troop Attack (Max: 8,800%) 

For Defenders, there are two strategies you can go with. For those who are not yet ready to upgrade to Academy 50 but are okay with 40 then you can complete the Wall Traps research for some good Empire Defender Stats. However, if you are going to Academy 50 then your initial focus should be on Combat Research. Not only does this Research unlock the actual troops but it provides a plethora of stats that will help in multiple situations. 

What other questions do you have about your new Tier five troops? We would love the opportunity to be able to help you with those questions. Join the conversation on our social media and get your questions answered in real-time! 

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