T5 Troops Have Arrived!

T5 Troops Just Dropped in GoW, SavageArab Discusses the Various Bonuses and What it Means for the GoW Meta

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T5 Troops Have Arrived!

T5 Troops have marched into Game of War and SavageArab goes over the shocking stats of these powerful troops!

It seems like GoW doesn’t plan to slow down among all the drops and updates they’ve been planning and T5 Troops are no exception to this.

T5 Troop Combat Research is coming in hot with 9,500% Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Attack; 4,800% Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Defense and Health; 8,800% Troop Attack; 4,400% Troop Defense; and 4,200% Troop Health!

On top of that, new Wall Trap Research has been released and Empire Assault Attack, Defense, and Health Research have dropped with some impressive bonuses.

It’s important to note that they are quite expensive and require T3 Materials and Capital to create. Another thing to consider is we don’t know if T5 will be allowed in the Wonder or Super Wonders immediately or if MZ is planning to give some time for players to train and build their armies up to compete.

What are your thoughts on the new T5 Troops? Savage believes that these are going to be a huge game-changer for rallies and future events coming soon. Are you excited for a new type of Troops?

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