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The Alliance City is a Trap and Siege Troops Will Be Essential

Alliance city combat feature

The Alliance City is a Trap and Siege Troops Will Be Essential Alliance City combat was just released in Game of War's BETA server, and something about them is very peculiar. Most notably the fact that are essentially one giant trap account when you look at the way they are designed.  The City is completely made up of Traps and Turrets. Two ... Read More »

Hall of Monsters – Monster Capture

Monster Capture

Hall of Monsters and Monster Capture It is time for Alliance City Combat updates.  After Stronghold 22 , Stronghold 23, and several new hard hitting Core Sets, comes now Hall of Monsters along with the ability to capture Monsters in the World Boss Dungeons which will provide "GIGANTIC" benefits when defending your Alliance City. We initially brought you news of Monster ... Read More »

Beta: Monster Capture!

Monster Capture

Beta: Monster Capture! Get ready to face down monsters on our Beta Server! A monstrous new opportunity has arisen that can grant your Alliance colossal power and keep them at the top. Construct the new Hall of Monsters in your Alliance City and gain the ability to capture Monsters and augment your Alliance's powers with theirs! For Beta Server, certain ... Read More »

The Alliance City Sentinel

alliance city sentinel

Sentinel Tower Combat with the Alliance City draws one step closer as Machine Zone releases the Sentinel Tower for Game of War Fire Age! Sentinel Tower Details The Sentinel Tower will function similarly to your Stronghold’s Watchtower.  On a basic level, it will warn your alliance of danger.   Machine Zone is typically predictable when it comes to releasing new ... Read More »

Alliance City Traps

Alliance City Traps Alliance City Traps are the first true sign of Alliance City combat. We all knew Alliance City combat wasn't going to be far away after Game of War added another feature to the Alliance City after close to sixth months of no additions. The Bazaar was launched into the live game 2 months ago and it allows you ... Read More »

Game of War Bazaar in the Alliance City (Live!)

Game of War Bazaar (Live!) With all the requests Game of War has received for unused game items that keep on piling up in our forge, Game of War seems to be taking the right approach by testing out a new Bazaar building in the Alliance City. The Bazaar starts off like any of the buildings in the Alliance City do, it ... Read More »

The Alliance City is Back in Action: Introducing The Bazaar!

The Alliance City is Back in Action: Introducing The Bazaar! (in BETA) This is the first time we've heard about the Alliance City in more than 6 months!! I predict an explosion of features and uses coming out of it soon, starting with the Bazaar. The Bazaar replaces players' unused Cores with Copper that can be used to trade with Merchants ... Read More »

How To Manage Your Alliance City Effectively

alliance city arrival

Hi Everyone, this is General Bow again here to tell you about how our alliance manages our alliance city. We pride ourselves on being a disciplined alliance. How We Manage Our Alliance City It takes a dedicated alliance city team to make sure you are effectively using the alliance city 24/7. What Our Alliance City Team Does Runs our alliance city ... Read More »

Alliance Cities Are Here!

Alliance City Cropped Layout

Alliance Cities Are Finally Here! Here are a ton pictures showcasing all the aspects of the alliance city! These Alliance Cities haven't proved to be a big game changer yet, but I hope they are soon! Key Things To Know About The Alliance City They cannot be shielded They can be rallied (since release in normal kingdoms, they can't be rallied ... Read More »