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Cheap Game of War Gold Packs – Amazon Special!

amazon coin

Cheap Game of War Gold Packs with Amazon Coins Amazon recently dropped the cost of their Amazon Coins.  Also, they announced a weekend special to start May 12, 2017.  If you didn't know, you can use Amazon App Store to download Game of War and use Amazon Coins currency to purchase your packs.  Game of War packs cost less when using ... Read More »

Endless Inferno Provides Huge Rewards!

Infinite Inferno

Endless Inferno Can Provide Amazing Rewards Endless Inferno allows you to complete a single inferno event multiple times.  It requires an Endless Inferno Event item that can be purchased from the gold store. Typically, these boosts are available in the latest full pack.  The Endless Inferno item lasts 15, 30, or 120 minutes so you must be strategic in your use ... Read More »