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Bacchus Core Recipe, Set Bonus, Stats

Bacchus core set

Here's the freshest news off the grapevine: the intoxicating Bacchus Core Gear set has arrived! The Bacchus Core Set is plastered with incredible Cavalry stats sure to bring you victory! Bacchus is a cavalry missile attack set with strong defense debuffs similar to Nike and Artemis. Bacchus Core Set Recipe You will need the following piece counts for a full ... Read More »

Anti Nike Core Set: Stats, Recipe, and Hero Skills

Anti Nike Core Set

After amazing feedback from the Anti Artemis post, I have decided to do an Anti Nike Core Set.  Many of you wrote in and asked to see an Anti Nike recipe that has what's needed to stop Nike in its tracks!  Well, your wish is granted. In Ancient Greece, Nike was the Goddess of victory. Often times rewarding huge treasures to ... Read More »

Anti Artemis Core Set: Stats, Recipe, and Gems

Artemis Core Set

Artemis Ranged Missile Cores in Game of War provide incredible power and will devastate unprepared traps. Don't be a victim, be prepared with our Anti Artemis Core Set! Every powerful nemesis in life has the perfect counter or anti-nemesis.  Game of War is no different.  Traps must adapt as new items, cores, research, and buildings come out; to continue to oppose their nemesis, ... Read More »

Artemis Core Set: Stats, Recipe, Set Bonus, and Hero Skills

Artemis Core Set

Artemis core set is the highest ranged attack core set in Game of War with incredible debuff.  This set is significantly more powerful than Nike!  Are you prepared to harness the power of Artemis? Artemis Core Set Stats The impressive stats of Artemis provides nearly 2,000% more attack than Nike Core Set. Let's take a look at the stats of ... Read More »