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Hero Levels Guide – Levels 200 and Beyond

Hero Levels Game of War Fire Age

Are you strong enough to lead your army or a smart enough tactician to defend your Stronghold? Every battle has a hero that stands out and rises above the rest. Does your hero have what it takes? 9/22 Update (Levels 200 to 210) Tonight we have another increase in hero levels now reaching 210! These hero levels require Ascendant Heroic Lockets to ... Read More »

T14 is Here! Ascendant Troops – Rise And Dominate

Ascendant Troops

Are you ready to ascend above all and dominate the battlefield? Well now you can with Ascendant troops! Game of War just released these T14 troops that will help you rise on the battlefield! Mega Stats - Burn Everything You Touch T14 troops are here with some killer stats! Check out what these researches will add to your City: 500TT Onslaught ... Read More »

Potions Guide – The New Rejuvenator Potion!

Rejuvenator Potion

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble! Get your cauldron ready. New Potions are here! Potions are very important in  Game of War and can be a difference between a burn or cap! There are different potions for every type of player. Craft a potion that best works for you! The newest potion is the Rejuvenator Potion! It ... Read More »

Runes Selection Guide – Best for Attack, Defense & Wonder

In today's Game of War meta we all want the best of everything. We try to get max research, the right troop set up, and the right presets ready.  But we often overlook the little things. The little things could mean the difference between burning or capping for a trap, or getting kicked from the wonder for a lot of ... Read More »

Battle Tested: Trap Attack vs. Troop Attack


Comparing Troop Attack vs. Trap Attack for Solo Trap Accounts In this article we ask whether or not maxing trap attack provides any benefit for solo trap accounts? I decided to test this on a 76 mill power solo account. The defender has 1.3 mill T3; he used the same equipment and only changed the skill tree. I wanted to see if the skill ... Read More »

Wild Troops Tested in Multiple Battle Scenarios

How Wild Troops Perform in Multiple Battle Scenarios Wild Troops are Coming Soon! I'm sure a lot of you have been hearing about the introduction of the Wild troops in Beta a couple weeks ago. I have spent the past two weeks researching them (Which is no small task, even in Beta) and fighting with them to figure out their ... Read More »

How to Choose An Enemy Target

enemy defense debuff

How to Choose an Enemy Target This post will teach you advanced attack techniques. After reading this you will be able to able to inflict maximum damage on your enemies. Learn The Engagement Rules of Your Alliance Are you allowed to attack any Alliance? Who are your Allies? Do you have any specified enemy Alliance you should be focusing on? Do ... Read More »

Battle Tested: The Best Boosts For Defense

health defense attack

Comparing Troop Health, Defense, Attack and Combinations This is the 3rd post in the series of Battle Tested articles. This is another one of THE MOST controversial topics in Game of War and we are here once again to show you the truth with real battle tests, with real troops, and with real numbers. Rallies are no doubt becoming a ... Read More »