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Burns Galore- Be the Big Bad Wolf

“So he huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down.” Are you the big bad wolf of your Kingdom? Blowing your enemies who built their homes out of straw, sticks, and mud away. Show us how you sent your enemies fleeing and get featured on the website as the biggest and baddest of all. How it works How ... Read More »

Kingdom of Champions (Recap)

Kingdom of Champions

This past weekend was the Kingdom of Champions, an event launched by MZ tagged as the new and improved Super Wonder. The news resulted in tons of excitement and preparations from players to become the first ever event champion. People were excited to go burn and be burned. It took a few hours after it started for people to grasp ... Read More »

Big Burns: 26 Billion Player Online

Big Burns: 26 Billion Player Online Today we have another historic event to report about - a 26 billion player being burned. Just a few days ago (idF) Nec Reus was dropped from 26,039,084,872 Power to 22,736,101,475 by (MGd) Runner. The story goes that Nec Reus was setting a Rally on an Alliance Member of Runner's named Carebear X, but Runner ... Read More »