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City Setup Guide

City Guide- Game of War Real Tips

Enemies surrounded Jericho but no one could pass the walls to defeat the city! The walls of Jericho were infallible. The only thing that could get past them were divine forces. Stop your enemies at your walls with a superior City set up. Contents: Introduction City build Main buildings/SH levels Auxiliary buildings Banners Gear Workshop Monster Lair Alchemy Lab Building Boosts ... Read More »

Building Levels Guide – Up to Level 150

GoW SH150

“We Shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill Get ready to shape your Stronghold with new building levels released! Are you a trap or filler looking for more defense? Or a Lead looking for more attack? Or just looking for more stats overall? Well now you can get those additional stats with new building levels released to 150! ... Read More »

Trapping 101: The Fundamentals


Game of War is a community and within that community there are subsets of communities. Traps are a community within themselves. Traps keep each other going and the beauty is that when one figures something out everyone else is able to modify to their unique strategy. Many players come to us and ask, How do I build a good trap? ... Read More »

“Home Make Over” – in just 5 minutes!

home makeover

Ever get tired of the usual same ol' same ol' and just want change? Well, now you can have it! Game of War is offering Home Make Overs with the "Instant lvl 90" item. It's super simple now! Sept.13 Packs Update No need to sit and destroy buildings and waste all your time and resources (RSS) making a new one. If you want to to ... Read More »

Additional Building Plots

Additional Building Plots Game of War

Additional Urban Building and Rural Building Plots are available in Game of War! The blog describes it very clearly. Your Empire now has the potential to grow even more: four new Urban Plots and as many Rural Plots of land have just been discovered! Currently one of each of these plots of land can be unlocked – watch for the ability to unlock more ... Read More »

Level 23 Buildings Requirements and Rewards!

Level 23

Game of War Level 23 buildings have arrived!  We take a look at the requirements and rewards of each of the latest Level 23 buildings.  A quick list of rewards from the latest buildings released: Hall of War 23 Max Rally Size: +503,567 New Max Rally Size: 5,400,000 Altar 23 Attack: 45% >> 53% Defense: 81% >> 95% Health: 81% ... Read More »

Level 22 Buildings Full Expansion Details

Level 22 Buildings Full Expansion Details Level 22 Buildings are finally here and we have all the requirements and stats summarized below in the most convenient manner! These have been a long time coming since they were announced in beta a couple months ago. Often the requirements change and sometimes the stats change when new features are made live, so we ... Read More »

BETA: Level 25 Buildings! (Update to Include More Buildings)

BETA: Level 25 Buildings! Level 25 Buildings just got introduced into BETA yesterday and they have some MASSIVE ADVANTAGES over Level 22 buildings. All buildings will have Level 25 available. Here's a sharable summary of all the upgrades: I've underlined some of the more notable new stat increases. There really are some insane new stats that everyone should pay attention too. The ... Read More »

Game of War: Fire Age – Building Boosts, Descriptions, Tips

Game of War: Fire Age - Buildings In Game of War there are many methods to maximize productivity and efficiency, yet players always seem to overlook using the specific boosts that apply to different buildings. By strategically managing your building, numbers and ratios will put you at a massive advantage over your enemies. In this article I will give a breakdown ... Read More »