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Biggest Burns in Game of War!

Surpassing the limits in Game of War is what drives many of the best players in the game.  Here we pay homage to some of the Biggest Burns in Game of War History! Recently, Game of War received many new updates. Stronghold 30 and 26, Runes Research Tree, and higher Building Boosts.  It's no surprise that the record books would ... Read More »

The Best Core Gear You Can Craft And Why


In the past, when someone in Game of War: Fire Age asked about the "Best Core Gear", they stirred up quite a debate. We all had our opinions whether one core set was better than another in a given situation. However, MZ has taken much of the guess work out of choosing the best core sets with their many "secret ... Read More »

Nike Core Set: Stats, Recipe, Set Bonus, and Hero Skills

Nike Core Set The Nike Core Set is a first-of-its-kind Infantry Missile Set with multiple troop type Defense Debuff that is perfect for heroless targets. Even 13.4 billion troop Strongholds! Game of War took notice of the Custom Debuff Sets being made and provided players with easier access to such sets. Rather than attempting custom in your Forge, the Nike Core ... Read More »

Ares, Zeus, Poseidon GoW Core Sets

Breaking Down the Deadliest Cores: Ares, Poseidon, Zeus Wow, Game of War just took it to another level recently with the release of the Greek Gods triumvirate! One year ago we brought you the original article below.  We described Deadliest Core Sets as being Four Horsemen and a few other Cores which contained extra bonuses.  Oh my, how Game of ... Read More »

Game of War Bazaar in the Alliance City (Live!)

Game of War Bazaar (Live!) With all the requests Game of War has received for unused game items that keep on piling up in our forge, Game of War seems to be taking the right approach by testing out a new Bazaar building in the Alliance City. The Bazaar starts off like any of the buildings in the Alliance City do, it ... Read More »

The Essential Core Crafting Strategies You Need to Succeed

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The Essential Core Crafting Strategies Crafting Core Equipment can best be described as falling somewhere between an interesting challenge and an onerous burden… It’s a fascinating puzzle that can stretch your nerves almost to the breaking point. Crafting Cores is probably the subject that I get the most questions about. It seems that almost daily I get personal messages, emails, ... Read More »

Core Crafting Basics for Game of War

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Lessons on Crafting Cores Article 1: All Core Crafting Basics Article 2: The Essential Core Crafting Strategies You Need to Succeed Article 3: How to Craft Great Core Gear Article 4: Crafting Cores with a Purpose Article 5: Crafting Your First Core Article 6: When to Take Chances While Crafting Article 7: The Most Under Rated Core Gear Article 8: ... Read More »

Crafting Your First Core

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Crafting Your First Core We've already talked in depth about the fundamental question behind Core crafting which is: What will be the purpose of this Core? You are the only person that can answer this. This will determine what you craft and how you craft it. Now we'll walk you through a brief guide on Crafting your first Core, with ... Read More »

The Maximum Special Set Bonus Ranges For Cores

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The Maximum Special Set Bonus Ranges Intro from Navi: I just want to preface this article by saying that Prince Todd is a BOSS for being the first one to discover these Max Set Bonuses. Get stoked because this article will single-handedly remove all your doubts on whether your Set Bonus is good or not. Ever since the Set Bonus Tree ... Read More »

Improve Your Hero With Our Hero Gear Tool!


The Hero Gear Tool At Game of War Real Tips we are always looking to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Therefore we created a super simple tool that will help you solve all of the fundamental Gear problems that every Game of War player has to deal with. Use The Hero Gear Tool Now! Whether you have used it or ... Read More »