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Hephaestus Core Set: Stats, Recipe, Set Bonus, Gems, Hero Skills

Looking to gain an edge on your enemies at the Wonder?  The Hephaestus core set will provide you the edge you need in the Wonder over the Apollo core set. How Much Better is Hephaestus (Healthaestus) than Apollo? Hephaestus' strengths lie in its high troop specific health and attack stats.  Apollo will have difficulty debuffing the health of Hephaestus.  Apollo ... Read More »

Best Non-Secret Core Recipes To Attack With

Best Non-Secret Core Recipes To Attack With Many of you are familiar with the newly introduced secret core recipes for Infantry, Ranged and Calvary. But since building those sets are both hard to craft and very expensive, what are some good recipes that can apply to all types of players. I will break this down into 4 categories: Troop Attack, Infantry, ... Read More »