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Gear Selection Guide


Close your eyes. Imagine you are back in ancient times and the enemy army is marching towards the gate. It's time to grab your gear and prepare.  But what gear do you a grab? A bow maybe or even a spear, possibly even a great sword. What about armor? Making the right decision here about the best gear will mean ... Read More »

Core Crafting Guide

Core Crafting Guide

All Core Crafting Basics Cores are back and they arrived in flames of glory. Many players weren't around when cores were first released. So #teamrealtips has put together a detailed guide to everything you need to know about cores! This should be a very helpful guide for those of you trying to understand core crafting.  Cores were the most powerful ... Read More »

Biggest Burns in Game of War!

Surpassing the limits in Game of War is what drives many of the best players in the game.  Here we pay homage to some of the Biggest Burns in Game of War History! Recently, Game of War received many new updates. Stronghold 30 and 26, Runes Research Tree, and higher Building Boosts.  It's no surprise that the record books would ... Read More »

Preset Stats are Wrong, Here’s Why…

preset stats

Your Game of War Preset Stats are Lying to YOU! You are told about a DOMINATING set promising insane stats.  You craft it, but when you get the final product it's not even close to what's promised.  You think, "What the heck?!  They lied to me!" Well, maybe not. Here's why. Understanding your Game of War preset stats is trickier than ... Read More »

Anti Artemis Core Set: Stats, Recipe, and Gems

Artemis Core Set

Artemis Ranged Missile Cores in Game of War provide incredible power and will devastate unprepared traps. Don't be a victim, be prepared with our Anti Artemis Core Set! Every powerful nemesis in life has the perfect counter or anti-nemesis.  Game of War is no different.  Traps must adapt as new items, cores, research, and buildings come out; to continue to oppose their nemesis, ... Read More »

Converting to a Rally Trap Account – Part 2: Core Crafting


Converting to a Rally Trap Account - Part 2: Core Crafting Trapping in general can be pretty boring because your action is determined by when others decide to hit you. I’m an impatient person so I decided to go back to the first rule of solo trapping and apply it to my rally trap account; minimize power to appear weak.  ... Read More »

Short Stories: The Satisfying Burn of a 29 Bil Player

Short Stories: The Satisfying Burn of a 29 Bil Player The Backstory EuE and 77F always shared dominance in K214 (Europa), with opposite playing styles. EuE being chock full of high power players has, more times than not, always been the more dominant force. 77F was seen as the red-headed stepchild by Europa’s inhabitants, very international and often misunderstood, but with “crazy” players whose gambles didn’t always have a ... Read More »

The Essential Core Crafting Strategies You Need to Succeed

crafting cores odin

The Essential Core Crafting Strategies Crafting Core Equipment can best be described as falling somewhere between an interesting challenge and an onerous burden… It’s a fascinating puzzle that can stretch your nerves almost to the breaking point. Crafting Cores is probably the subject that I get the most questions about. It seems that almost daily I get personal messages, emails, ... Read More »

Core Crafting Basics for Game of War

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Lessons on Crafting Cores Article 1: All Core Crafting Basics Article 2: The Essential Core Crafting Strategies You Need to Succeed Article 3: How to Craft Great Core Gear Article 4: Crafting Cores with a Purpose Article 5: Crafting Your First Core Article 6: When to Take Chances While Crafting Article 7: The Most Under Rated Core Gear Article 8: ... Read More »

Crafting Your First Core

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Crafting Your First Core We've already talked in depth about the fundamental question behind Core crafting which is: What will be the purpose of this Core? You are the only person that can answer this. This will determine what you craft and how you craft it. Now we'll walk you through a brief guide on Crafting your first Core, with ... Read More »