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Anniversary Colossus Set: Stats, Recipe, Set Bonus, Strategy

colossus gear set

If you're like me and have been waiting for the upgraded Frostlord set to be released, then our wait is over!  The 2016 Anniversary Colossus Set provides massive balanced defense!  Imperial Dragon wasn't bad,  Golden Shogun gave us specific troop defense, and Paladin of Sola felt like a disappointment...  But Colossus is the real deal for any defense junkie in ... Read More »

The Tier 4 Trinity Challenge – Reach T4 Troops Fast

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Many of you who have been playing Game of War for about 3-6 months will know that there are three huge road blocks to reaching Tier 4 troops. There are 3 important buildings: Prison, Hall of War, and Altar that need to be level 21 before Tier 4 troops can be researched. A lot of websites talk about the requirements ... Read More »