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Gear Selection Guide

GoW Gears Selection Guide

Close your eyes. Imagine you are back in ancient times and the enemy army is marching towards the gate. It's time to grab your gear and prepare.  But what gear do you a grab? A bow maybe or even a spear, possibly even a great sword. What about armor? Making the right decision here about the best gear will mean ... Read More »

Divine Grave Knights Gear – Unleash your Undead Warrior

In your armor lingers the spirit of a powerful undead warrior, a Graveknight. This warrior will guide you to victory and rejuvenate your hero over and over again. A Grave Knight has come to Game of War to empower your hero to new levels of greatness. New Attack Gear has come to Game of War and it’s a doozy!! There ... Read More »

Divine Magister Set Gear – NEW Monster Gear

Cerberus, Scylla, Chimera, Medusa, and countless others have haunted ancient Greece and Athena for centuries, but someone has always answered the call to slay the monsters. As new monsters have arrived who will step up? Do your research,  equip your hero and slay the beast… Are you game?? What’s New?  “I'm a monster, I'm a m-monster…” Okay so I’m not ... Read More »

Am I Safe in Game of War?

Am I safe in Game of War

Am I safe? It’s a question that everyone asks us often. However, it is honestly a difficult question to answer. We can tell you what troops to build and how to build a strong base. We can give you numbers and help strategize with you about how much you need of what, but this is Game of War. And just ... Read More »

Radiant Marksman Defense Gear – Bring on the Attacks!

GoW Radiant Marksman Defense Gear

A battle is won on defense as much as attack. Halt your enemy in their steps by strengthening your hero with the new defense gear! Radiant Marksman Defense Gear is here to empower your hero against enemies! Exclusive Defense Gear - Disrupt Your Enemies It has been a while since we have had a gear released purely for defense and this ... Read More »

Barbarian King Defense – The Barbarian’s Secret

GoW Barbarian King Gear with Horns

Remember when Agile Duelist dropped? It was touted as the newest speed gear but it wasn’t long before it was discovered that this gear also worked well for defense. Players were more likely to use it than the current defense gear. Now Game of War has given us the Barbarian King Attack Set.. but is this just for attack? We ... Read More »