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Barbarian King Defense – The Barbarian’s Secret

Barbarian King Defense

Remember when Agile Duelist dropped? It was touted as the newest speed gear but it wasn’t long before it was discovered that this gear also worked well for defense. Players were more likely to use it than the current defense gear. Now Game of War has given us the Barbarian King Attack Set.. but is this just for attack? We ... Read More »

Hero Levels Guide – Levels 200 and Beyond

Hero Levels Game of War Fire Age

Are you strong enough to lead your army or a smart enough tactician to defend your Stronghold? Every battle has a hero that stands out and rises above the rest. Does your hero have what it takes? 9/22 Update (Levels 200 to 210) Tonight we have another increase in hero levels now reaching 210! These hero levels require Ascendant Heroic Lockets to ... Read More »

Am I Safe in Game of War?

Am I safe in Game of War

Many players ask us the same question daily. How can I be safe in Game of War? By the end of this article you should feel confident to do so. However, I highly recommend testing your setup with an alliance mate. Below I provide you a guide to test your build safely and quickly.  This article is not meant to be a ... Read More »

T14 is Here! Ascendant Troops – Rise And Dominate

Ascendant Troops

Are you ready to ascend above all and dominate the battlefield? Well now you can with Ascendant troops! Game of War just released these T14 troops that will help you rise on the battlefield! Mega Stats - Burn Everything You Touch T14 troops are here with some killer stats! Check out what these researches will add to your City: 500TT Onslaught ... Read More »

Potions Guide – The New Rejuvenator Potion!

Rejuvenator Potion

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble! Get your cauldron ready. New Potions are here! Potions are very important in  Game of War and can be a difference between a burn or cap! There are different potions for every type of player. Craft a potion that best works for you! The newest potion is the Rejuvenator Potion! It ... Read More »

Runes Selection Guide – Best for Attack, Defense & Wonder

In today's Game of War meta we all want the best of everything. We try to get max research, the right troop set up, and the right presets ready.  But we often overlook the little things. The little things could mean the difference between burning or capping for a trap, or getting kicked from the wonder for a lot of ... Read More »

The Rally Lead Trap – Defend Against Solos While Heroless

Rally Trap Account

Recently new updates have left the Game of War world in a tailspin. With the release of Gladiator Skills and levels, players who were previously considered unburnable are now burning and rally leads are no longer safe. Gladiator not only provided increases in already massive attack stats and debuffs but provided a march size increase as well. In this article ... Read More »

Nemesis Defense Gear Set

Nemesis Lord Defense Gear GoW

Nemesis Defense Gear Set Regular gear is the most cost effective and safe gear you can have for a rally trap account. You can use it for as long as you want--the gear is permanent. Also, you don't have to worry about presets or switching it in time before getting hit by a 1 min rally, and you don't have ... Read More »

8 Ways To Spot a Trap Account

game of war trap

How To Spot a Trap Account Trap accounts are the sneakiest play style in Game of War. They are all about creating the perception that your Stronghold is weak, when in reality it's very strong. What Are Traps? A "trap" is a low power account that is specifically built to look weak but is actually very strong. Not only that but ... Read More »