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The Super Wonder – Kingdom of Fire

Super Wonder

The Super Wonder. We have all heard the name, but what does it truly mean? What is the Super Wonder? Is it a throne, or title, a kill event? To me it is the one event that bonds all players. The fight for the right to be called Emperor is one of the favorite parts of the game for many players. ... Read More »

Emperor OMZ, the Awesome Aussie!

Emperor OMZ Game of War

I had the great honor to interview the Emperor of Game of War, OMZ, who is from Australia, this week! At first I was a bit star struck by the legend of Game of War, OMZ, but the Emperor immediately made me feel like one of his "mates". Even offering the interview take place over a few rounds of his ... Read More »

Stayalive77 Steps Down Off His Throne

stayalive77 super wonder victor

Stayalive77 Steps Down Off His Throne The longest Emperor in Game of War history, Stayalive77, just decided to step down and let his fellow teammate UMPA FUN make a run for the throne. Here's Stayalive's message to the community his on Facebook: 1 year has passed and I couldn't be happier about the team I had supporting me during this time which allowed ... Read More »

Long Live The Emperor: Stayalive77

stayalive77 super wonder victor

Long Live The Emperor: Stayalive77 Stayalive77, with the help of D:V and no doubt hundreds of other players have won the Super Wonder battle once again. Their experience in Super Wonder battles is unmatched. I believe this win makes it 11 in a row now. The amount of team work involved in winning the Super Wonder is incredible to think about. ... Read More »

The Emperor of GOW Speaks Out On Recent Changes

generals helm emporer

Stayalive posted on his Instagram once again today reaching out to Machine Zone to make some changes to the game. We posted his requests back in July here, but a lot of them haven't been implemented yet. Here's what Stayalive has to say: "An update for all gow players, apparently MZ needs to put more efforts to enhance game features and ... Read More »