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How to Choose An Enemy Target

enemy defense debuff

How to Choose an Enemy Target This post will teach you advanced attack techniques. After reading this you will be able to able to inflict maximum damage on your enemies. Learn The Engagement Rules of Your Alliance Are you allowed to attack any Alliance? Who are your Allies? Do you have any specified enemy Alliance you should be focusing on? Do ... Read More »

War Generals

game of war hero male

The Importance of War Generals If your alliance keeps getting burned, you need a good war general. War generals are dedicated members in your alliance used to lead the war efforts. I'm going to walk you through some problems alliances have in regards to war that war generals solve, why you need war generals, and what type of person a war ... Read More »

Monitoring An Enemy Hive For Resources

Kingdom Map Resource Zones

Monitoring An Enemy Hive For Resources Let's say your hive (group of Alliance Strongholds) is close to an enemy hive or you are purposefully inside their hive. If you want to safely steal an enemy hive's resources, you will need to be attentive your enemy's behavior. Here is a great way to get risk-free Resources from your enemy: Look for players ... Read More »