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Beginner Defense Strategies

Game of War Defense

Beginner Defense Strategies They say Defense is your best offense, but they also say offense is your best defense.. so which is it?! I don't know, but I'll teach how to defend yourself in Game of War. My inspiration for this post was that we (UKc) were the ruling Alliance in k80 with one pretty strong Alliance (UVG) opposing us. We had ... Read More »

Ultimate Resource Tiles: Gathering Strategy

ultimate resource tiles

Ultimate Resource Tiles! Updated 2/9/2017: Editor's Note: Ultimate Resource Tiles have been replaced by Behemoth Monster, Mythic Chests, and Alliance Gift Tiles. The following article is preserved for historic purposes enjoy! An unprecedented chance has just come up! Ultimate Resource Tiles are about to appear in every Kingdom! There, deep in the Wonder Forest – these special tiles conceal ABUNDANT ... Read More »

How to Avoid Negative Food Production

Game of War Food Tile Trap

How to Avoid Negative Food Production Negative food production is not something to worry about.  There are ways you can avoid it or manage it if you are careful. Most players have negative food production on a regular basis. How to Avoid Negative Food Production Hyper Farming The cheapest way to avoid negative food production is to have 22 farms ... Read More »

Farm Account Management Tip

Farm Account Management Tip When I first thought about making farm accounts, I thought I would get super annoyed by typing in multiple emails and passwords, but here's a little trick to avoid that: Set your fake emails as keyboard shortcuts on your phone or tablet. If you have an iphone go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add ... Read More »

Monitoring An Enemy Hive For Resources

Kingdom Map Resource Zones

Monitoring An Enemy Hive For Resources Let's say your hive (group of Alliance Strongholds) is close to an enemy hive or you are purposefully inside their hive. If you want to safely steal an enemy hive's resources, you will need to be attentive your enemy's behavior. Here is a great way to get risk-free Resources from your enemy: Look for players ... Read More »