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Daily Bonus Club – Best Investment in GoW

DBC Game of War GoW

Game of War Daily Bonus Club is a feature for players of all types.  This club should be the first investment you make in Game of War each month because it provides additional benefits in packs, event rewards, significant gift every day that you log in, and features not obtainable any other way, such as "Break Item." Daily Bonus Club ... Read More »

Health Traps in Game of War: The Fundamentals

Health Trap Game of War

Health Traps are increasing in popularity in Game of War: Fire Age. With a Health Trap you can score big points during a kill event or cap everything that's thrown at you. You can use a Health Trap on a limited budget and have a lot of fun crushing your enemy's rallies. I love my Health Trap. I can score ... Read More »

Skeleton King – INCREDIBLE Defense Set

Skeleton King Game of War

Skeleton King is a normal gear set in Game of War Fire Age with INCREDIBLE defense to defend against the latest generation of massively cored rally leaders.  This set boasts a combined Defense stat of over 7,000% when properly set up. I take you through step-by-step how to properly construct your Skeleton King Defense Set in Game of War! Skeleton ... Read More »

Monster Killing – Hunt for Prizes!

Monster Hunt Team Event Game of War

Monster killing in Game of War Fire Age, some people love it, some people hate it. It’s often overlooked as a non-essential part of the game, for those too scared or too weak to drop shield and fight. Now Game of War Fire Age is hosting a new Monster Hunt Team Event.  Choose a side Team Clever Fox or Team ... Read More »