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Am I Safe in Game of War?

Am I safe in Game of War

Am I safe? It’s a question that everyone asks us often. However, it is honestly a difficult question to answer. We can tell you what troops to build and how to build a strong base. We can give you numbers and help strategize with you about how much you need of what, but this is Game of War. And just ... Read More »

Guide to the Treasury: Hero 61+ Even More Gold!

Game of War Treasury

Game of War introduced the Treasury which brings the magic of investment income to your game. What it means to you all is GOLD + PATIENCE = FREE GOLD! Hooray! Now with Hero 61+ you can get tons more gold daily! GoW Treasury: How it Works The Treasury is a fixed building, much like the Stronghold. It is present in every ... Read More »

5 Tips to Building Your Power Fast

5 Tips to Building Your Power Fast Building your Power FAST is one of the most satisfying elements to Game of War. While you make consistent progress, your account gets more powerful and you can participate in more elements of the game... especially the fun part, aka fighting. 1. Use 25% Hero Experience Bonus Items The 25% Hero Experience Bonus Item earns ... Read More »

Game of War Terminology


Game of War Terminology If you're new to Game of War, the abbreviations and terminology can be a little overwhelming at first. On top of learning the basics of game play, you may see abbreviations or references to things and not know what they are. Even if you're not new to the game, you may not have seen all of these terms ... Read More »

Converting to a Rally Trap Account – Part 1 : Research

research legendary

Converting to a Rally Trap Account - Part 1 : Research Recently, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of accounts in our kingdom that are in the 1 billion power range that are going unused during kill events. Many of them could be converted into a rally trap that could churn out more points than most rally leaders can ... Read More »

Long Live The Emperor: Stayalive77

stayalive77 super wonder victor

Long Live The Emperor: Stayalive77 Stayalive77, with the help of D:V and no doubt hundreds of other players have won the Super Wonder battle once again. Their experience in Super Wonder battles is unmatched. I believe this win makes it 11 in a row now. The amount of team work involved in winning the Super Wonder is incredible to think about. ... Read More »

Finding Materials Is Easier Than You Think


Where To Find Materials Obtaining the right materials is essential to your success in Game of War. With the right materials you can craft gear that will allow you to burn your enemies, train your troops faster, kill more monsters, speed up your research, or pretty much make anything in the game easier. If there was anything that holds the ... Read More »

All of The Highest Special Set Bonuses


The Highest Special Set Bonuses After many requests we've compiled a brief list of some of the highest special set bonuses for the most popular sets in the game. No single player wants to spend 10 million gold to discover all the possible special bonuses for every set, but we thought it would be feasible with the help of the ... Read More »

Making It In Your Alliance

This is a fantastic post by one of our new contributors "Geoponic" on how what it means to participate in an alliance. We hope you enjoy! Making It In Your Alliance "Impressing your peers is something almost everyone strives to do,  even if they don't know it. We like to show off, contribute and make our mark on the world. ... Read More »

How to Avoid Multi-March Attacks

How to Avoid Multi-March Attacks I had this happen to me yesterday during the Kingdom Event. Some big guy ported in on me, all high and mighty, trying to attack me but I destroyed him. He had two full marches of T3 and I only had one full march. He ported in and sent his first full march at me, ... Read More »