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15yr Old BastiOn Breaks Trap Record – 3.7T Points

Bastion Trap Champion GoW

A new champion has risen in the trap arena. (AotL) v BastiOn has achieved an amazing feat, 3.7 trillion points in a single kill event! Bastion, inspired by reading the interview with the "Godfather of Traps" (AoX) 0 Nex 0, decided to build a trap to beat Nex's record. Nex, by being the first to achieve trillions of points in a ... Read More »

Health Traps in Game of War: The Fundamentals

Health Trap Game of War

Health Traps are increasing in popularity in Game of War: Fire Age. With a Health Trap you can score big points during a kill event or cap everything that's thrown at you. You can use a Health Trap on a limited budget and have a lot of fun crushing your enemy's rallies. I love my Health Trap. I can score ... Read More »

Best Trap Player in Game of War – [aoX] o NeX o

Nex 2 Trillion Points

Who is the best trap player in Game of War?  This is not an easy question to answer.  With so many styles of traps and objective its difficult to determine who is above all else.  However, each kill event we can determine who's the best by simply looking at the scoreboard at the end of the event.  So, how about ... Read More »