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Hera Core Set: Stats, Recipe, and Set Bonus

hera core set super wonder guide

If you think by crafting Hera Wonder Core Set you will dominate the wonder then think again!  The Hera set may not be THE dominating set you think it is!  Let's take a closer look at this Hera wonder core set! Is Hera actually better than Hephaestus? Hera Quick Stats vs. Hephaestus (Ungemmed) + Set Bonuses Overall Troop Boosts (Hera | Hephaestus) ... Read More »

Hephaestus Core Set: Stats, Recipe, Set Bonus, Gems, Hero Skills

Looking to gain an edge on your enemies at the Wonder?  The Hephaestus core set will provide you the edge you need in the Wonder over the Apollo core set. How Much Better is Hephaestus (Healthaestus) than Apollo? Hephaestus' strengths lie in its high troop specific health and attack stats.  Apollo will have difficulty debuffing the health of Hephaestus.  Apollo ... Read More »