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Hero Guide- Be Extraordinary

Hero Guide

Are you strong enough to lead your army or a smart enough tactician to defend your Stronghold? Every battle has a hero that stands out and rises above the rest. Does your hero have what it takes? Hero Level Hero levels now go to 550. Each additional level adds significant boosts for Attack but also for Defense. Let’s look at Hero ... Read More »

Am I Safe in Game of War?

Am I safe in Game of War

Am I safe? It’s a question that everyone asks us often. However, it is honestly a difficult question to answer. We can tell you what troops to build and how to build a strong base. We can give you numbers and help strategize with you about how much you need of what, but this is Game of War. And just ... Read More »

The Art of The Set Bonus

game of war set bonus research

The Art of The Set Bonus The introduction of Set Gear and the Set Bonus Research Tree has significantly increased many of the boosts available in Game of War. If you want even the slightest chance at controlling the wonder, you'll need these. Here is a quick breakdown explaining the Set Bonus, with some specific examples of some of them. ... Read More »