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Ice dragon kill event

Often KvK kill events can be stressful, confusing, and difficult. Here are a few unique and useful tips that your alliance should be familiar with before starting a kill event. The scoring for the kill events recently changed. The following image will help you understand what is needed to score positive against your enemies. Kill Event Point System in Game ... Read More »

15yr Old BastiOn Breaks Trap Record – 3.7T Points

Bastion Trap Champion GoW

A new champion has risen in the trap arena. (AotL) v BastiOn has achieved an amazing feat, 3.7 trillion points in a single kill event! Bastion, inspired by reading the interview with the "Godfather of Traps" (AoX) 0 Nex 0, decided to build a trap to beat Nex's record. Nex, by being the first to achieve trillions of points in a ... Read More »

Best Trap Player in Game of War – [aoX] o NeX o

Nex 2 Trillion Points

Who is the best trap player in Game of War?  This is not an easy question to answer.  With so many styles of traps and objective its difficult to determine who is above all else.  However, each kill event we can determine who's the best by simply looking at the scoreboard at the end of the event.  So, how about ... Read More »

10 Collaborative Techniques Necessary To Win A KvK Kill Event

KvK Combat

Collaboration Wins KvKs One the biggest struggles in every kingdom is finding a balance between burning any target you can in order to complete an event, yet still maintaining kingdom wide peace during KvKs so that you can win. Pro Tip: If you haven't broken an NAP on purpose in order to cause mass drama in your kingdom, you're not ... Read More »

Zeroing Billionaires in KvK Kill Event (more analysis added)

zeroing players in kill events

How To Zero Billionaires in a Kill Event With more players reaching 1 Billion+ in power fairly fast these days and with more kingdoms being completely dead, newer kingdoms like mine, K400 (6 months old), have had to adapt our game play to beat older and often dead kingdoms. The first thing we do between the top 5-6 alliances in our ... Read More »