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Our Favorite Game of War Memes

Game of War Real Tips

We have all seen the memes, they circulate Line rooms and Discord and bring us all laughter. Today I will bring you some of our favorite... Game of War Memes! Let’s kick this off with everyone’s favorite Shield Memes! Whether your alliance member forgot their shield or you are sitting under a shield here we have memes to cover all! ... Read More »

The Super Wonder – Kingdom of Fire

Super Wonder

The Super Wonder. We have all heard the name, but what does it truly mean? What is the Super Wonder? Is it a throne, or title, a kill event? To me it is the one event that bonds all players. The fight for the right to be called Emperor is one of the favorite parts of the game for many players. ... Read More »

Are Health Traps Back? – Leads Burn No More with Heroless Trapping

GoW Health Trapping

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It's all about health! Over the last week there have been several releases from MZ that  included huge health boosts... Health Traps used to be all the rage. People would hit them over and over and see only fire without checking the report that all casualties were going straight to the hospital. Many ... Read More »

Assemblies and Forums Kill Event Warfare Leaderboard

Ice dragon kill event

Often KvK kill events can be stressful, confusing, and difficult. Here are a few unique and useful tips that your alliance should be familiar with before starting a kill event. The scoring for the kill events recently changed. The following image will help you understand what is needed to score positive against your enemies. Kill Event Point System in Game ... Read More »

The 10 Worst Mistakes You’ll Make in Game of War: Part 2

star trek dude facepalm

The 10 Worst Mistakes You'll Make in Game of War: Part 2 1. You trained troops without completing restorative tree research. Surely if you unlocked your t4 troops before you did the rest of your research, you've made this major mistake. Training millions of t4 troops with no resource reduction likely put a major dent in your rss supply early ... Read More »

Wild Troops Tested in Multiple Battle Scenarios

How Wild Troops Perform in Multiple Battle Scenarios Wild Troops are Coming Soon! I'm sure a lot of you have been hearing about the introduction of the Wild troops in Beta a couple weeks ago. I have spent the past two weeks researching them (Which is no small task, even in Beta) and fighting with them to figure out their ... Read More »

Short Stories: The Satisfying Burn of a 29 Bil Player

Short Stories: The Satisfying Burn of a 29 Bil Player The Backstory EuE and 77F always shared dominance in K214 (Europa), with opposite playing styles. EuE being chock full of high power players has, more times than not, always been the more dominant force. 77F was seen as the red-headed stepchild by Europa’s inhabitants, very international and often misunderstood, but with “crazy” players whose gambles didn’t always have a ... Read More »

10 Collaborative Techniques Necessary To Win A KvK Kill Event

KvK Combat

Collaboration Wins KvKs One the biggest struggles in every kingdom is finding a balance between burning any target you can in order to complete an event, yet still maintaining kingdom wide peace during KvKs so that you can win. Pro Tip: If you haven't broken an NAP on purpose in order to cause mass drama in your kingdom, you're not ... Read More »

Score More Points During A KvK

game of war fire age review

Maximize Your Points During a KvK Here is a post written by a magical bag of donuts. Upon further questioning, the bag of donuts did indeed go to Hogwarts, where he learned to play mobile muggle games... "Racking up big points during kill events for mid level players can be achieved in a few different ways Tile hits, hands down ... Read More »