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The Best Game of War Nerf Calculator

Game of War Nerf Calculator Featured Image

The Best Game of War Nerf Calculator Finally!  A simple and accurate nerf calculator that just works.  We've created a nerf calculator that simplifies the confusing nerf formulae and ratios into an easy-to-use and understand tool. Our Game of War Real Tips Nerf Calculator (Beta) will let you know if you are nerfed or not and by how much.  Simply ... Read More »

Game of War Nerf: Explanation and Examples

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Cheating The Nerf Perfectly This reason this post is being updated is because there was a newly discovered truth about the Nerf. My previous articles on the Nerf (now removed and replaced with this one) were left open ended because it was hard to determine the true effects. It seemed that some players were still able to use the Nerf effectively, ... Read More »

What is the Nerf & Why is it Important?

What Is The Nerf & Why Is It Important? The “Nerf” is term used to describe the weakening of a large amount of troops by the game because someone has too high of a Troop ratio between T1 and T2, to T3 or T4. When Trap Accounts were first invented, they relied off of training a MASSIVE amount of less ... Read More »