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Gear Selection Guide

GoW Gears Selection Guide

Close your eyes. Imagine you are back in ancient times and the enemy army is marching towards the gate. It's time to grab your gear and prepare.  But what gear do you a grab? A bow maybe or even a spear, possibly even a great sword. What about armor? Making the right decision here about the best gear will mean ... Read More »

Divine Sandguards Gear Set – All In One Eco Gear

GoW Divine Sandguards Gear

Tired of changing from one gear to the next? Wishing that you could just train, research, craft, and power-up with one seamless switch? Or is your inventory overflowing with gear for multiple functions? Now there is a solution!! For the first time ever Game of War has released a gear that can be used for all of these functions!!! A ... Read More »

Gear Workshop Guide – Level Up and Slay!

GoW Gear Workshop

So you’ve got the newest gear! You’re excited to set it up and take it out for a spin and you think.. Hey, I can just level it up later right? Wrong! Gear Upgrades - A Whole New Beast Check out below the stats of my Barbarian King Gear before visiting my Gear Workshop! So then I took a trip to ... Read More »