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Banners Selection Guide – Desertguard Banners Included

Desertguard Banners

In today's Game of War meta we all want the best of everything. We try to get max research, the right troop set up, and the right presets ready.  But we often overlook the little things. The little things could mean the difference between burning or capping for a trap, or getting kicked from the wonder for a lot of ... Read More »

Biggest Burns in Game of War!

Surpassing the limits in Game of War is what drives many of the best players in the game.  Here we pay homage to some of the Biggest Burns in Game of War History! Recently, Game of War received many new updates. Stronghold 30 and 26, Runes Research Tree, and higher Building Boosts.  It's no surprise that the record books would ... Read More »

Best Trap Account Builds

rally trap general vest

Best Trap Account Builds Sometimes making your own decision on how you want your Trap Account to be can be hard. This article will make it simple for you by providing exact specifications for Rally Traps and Solo Traps. Player Submitted Builds These are the latest successful builds submitted by players in the comments sections! R.R. Rally Trap (1-6-16) A good friend ... Read More »

Big Burns: Death by Aj Burning Unsuspecting Victims

Death by Aj

Big Burns: Death by Aj Burning Unsuspecting Victims Death by Aj pulled off some incredible hits in the last few days by catching some unsuspecting victims off guard. Careful out there everyone, if you let your guard, this is going to happen to you. Team Fighting Tips Before diving into the story, I want to share some team fighting tips ... Read More »

The 10 Worst Mistakes You’ll Make in Game of War: Part 1

star trek dude facepalm

The 10 Worst Mistakes You'll Make in Game of War: Part 1 1. You Forgot to Put Up a Peace Shield Brushed your teeth? Check. Put your kids to bed? Check. Switch to resource production gear? Check. Set a peace shield so that you don't get attacked while you're offline... WAKE UP IN A COLD SWEAT. 2. You Tapped Too ... Read More »

Converting to a Rally Trap Account – Part 2: Core Crafting


Converting to a Rally Trap Account - Part 2: Core Crafting Trapping in general can be pretty boring because your action is determined by when others decide to hit you. I’m an impatient person so I decided to go back to the first rule of solo trapping and apply it to my rally trap account; minimize power to appear weak.  ... Read More »

Wild Troops Tested in Multiple Battle Scenarios

How Wild Troops Perform in Multiple Battle Scenarios Wild Troops are Coming Soon! I'm sure a lot of you have been hearing about the introduction of the Wild troops in Beta a couple weeks ago. I have spent the past two weeks researching them (Which is no small task, even in Beta) and fighting with them to figure out their ... Read More »

Big Burns: 26 Billion Player Online

Big Burns: 26 Billion Player Online Today we have another historic event to report about - a 26 billion player being burned. Just a few days ago (idF) Nec Reus was dropped from 26,039,084,872 Power to 22,736,101,475 by (MGd) Runner. The story goes that Nec Reus was setting a Rally on an Alliance Member of Runner's named Carebear X, but Runner ... Read More »

5 Advanced Strategies For Trap Accounts

rally trap

5 Advanced Strategies For Trap Accounts To be an effective Trap Account, you should understand the Enemy’s strategy. There are both Solo Traps and Rally Traps, named after the type of hit they are designed to take. If you are a Solo Trap, you should understand the basic essentials of attacking a Solo Trap so that you can make your account appear attractive ... Read More »