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Moral of The Story, Don’t Try to Rally Stayalive

stayalive rally

Don't Rally Stayalive A couple of players sent us pictures of themselves trying to rally stayalive during the Super Wonder this last weekend. Try to imagine their faces when they saw these battle reports: In case you skimmed through those pictures too fast and didn't see how many troops stayalive has... That's more troops than 99.9999% of Game of War ... Read More »

Zeroing Billionaires in KvK Kill Event (more analysis added)

zeroing players in kill events

How To Zero Billionaires in a Kill Event With more players reaching 1 Billion+ in power fairly fast these days and with more kingdoms being completely dead, newer kingdoms like mine, K400 (6 months old), have had to adapt our game play to beat older and often dead kingdoms. The first thing we do between the top 5-6 alliances in our ... Read More »

Building A Strong Alliance: Crucial Roles For Every Member

game of war strong alliance

Are you helping your alliance to the best of your abilities? An alliance is only as good as it's team work. If you've been playing this game for more than 3 months you'll know that even alliances of smaller power can cause significant harm to big players who try to fight on their own. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, ... Read More »

The Largest Zeroing Event in GoW History

game of war alliance

The Largest Billion Power Player Zeroed Ever since core gear was introduced to the game, spenders have been competing to see who can zero the largest billion power player. Some notable alliances who have achieved this incredible feat of teamwork are: (B:S) Blue Killers (D:V) Divine Vengeance (LT~) Legendary TIT (sO ) SupremeOrder (NJG) Nijas of GLADII Until now (D:V) held ... Read More »

The Port Bomb

Rally March Speed Port Bomb

This is a specialized Rally type, one not to be used on Trap accounts or anyone over 100m power, as there is No Hero in the Rally. Port Bomb Basics Your alliance has found a target with a good amount of troops, but they either have weak hero gear or are offline. Do not Port Bomb someone with anti-scout on, if ... Read More »

How to Perform A “Grim Rally”

game of war fire age water fire

The "Grim Rally" Tactic After the war generals post from a few days ago, a player named GrimsBadAzz (better known as "Grim") informed me that he has been very successful as a war general (WG) and he wanted to share his tactics with everyone. This is very original rally tactic that I think will be new to a lot of you, ... Read More »

Guide to Meat Shields

Guide to Meat Shields A lot of questions have been thrown around lately about Meat Shields and I wanted to make sure I got the best answer for you all by asking some top players. I went to seek advice from one of the top 3 power level Alliances in this game (who are remaining anonymous) and found out some ... Read More »

Score More Points During A KvK

game of war fire age review

Maximize Your Points During a KvK Here is a post written by a magical bag of donuts. Upon further questioning, the bag of donuts did indeed go to Hogwarts, where he learned to play mobile muggle games... "Racking up big points during kill events for mid level players can be achieved in a few different ways Tile hits, hands down ... Read More »

Battle Tactic – The Texas Double Port (extended)

Texas Double Port

How To Perform the Texas Double Port Game of War requires constant innovation in war tactics in order to outsmart your enemy and gain the upper hand. It can be hard to trick players who have been playing for 6 months, but this strategy in particular can be used against any veteran player pretty successfully. Overview Before a Rally begins ... Read More »

Understand Your Kill Rate and True Power

This post will provide a good way for you guys to finally understand how well you can withstand enemy attacks. You want to calculate and keep track of your kill rate: "(troops killed + troops hospitalized) / (troops had) = kill rate". So if I have 100 troops and someone attacks me, and I kill 30 troops. For every one ... Read More »