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Research Sockets: New Resolute Defense!

research sockets game of war gow

Research Sockets in Game of War allow you to add unused gems to gain additional boosts as a reward for completing research trees. These boosts include attack and debuffs for rally leaders and an all new non-debuffable defense for trap players called Resolute Defense! Let's take a look at how these sockets work and their benefits! Research Sockets First, head over ... Read More »

Gem Set Recipes: Mythical Divine Gem Set!

Divine Gem Set Game of War

The following article provides Gem Set recipes, stats, bonuses and research tree requirements. Gems are already a powerful way to enhance your gear's potential, but Gem Set Bonuses make them even more powerful. Equip the right combination of gems to create a set that contains massive bonuses. Learn more about Ultimate Combat Troops and Tree Newest Gem Set Released: Divine ... Read More »

Mobile Traps Strategy and Research Breakdown!

Mobile Traps Research Game of War GoW

Mobile Traps research tree provides incredible boosts for rally leaders. From the in-game blog: The war has changed, and time has come to adjust your strategy. For the first time, your traps have gone mobile! Use traps to attack enemy cities! Defend a wonder you claim with mobile traps! Combat has never been more exciting. You can now increase your ... Read More »

Best Trap Account Builds

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Best Trap Account Builds Sometimes making your own decision on how you want your Trap Account to be can be hard. This article will make it simple for you by providing exact specifications for Rally Traps and Solo Traps. Player Submitted Builds These are the latest successful builds submitted by players in the comments sections! R.R. Rally Trap (1-6-16) A good friend ... Read More »

Research Breakdown – March 14

Research Breakdown - March 14 The release of March 14 Research has been quite the shocker to both traps and rally leaders alike. Simply put, by just looking at how much better the bonuses are, March 14 research is around 33%+ better overall than March 13 research. March Level 14 Requirements and Boosts The requirements for March 14 are significant; however, ... Read More »

Strategic and Wild Siege!

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New Strategic and Wild Siege Troop Research Provides Great Boosts! New Strategic and Wild Siege Troop Research promises a rebirth of Siege troops. Until now Siege has been largely ignored by the Game of War community and rightly so.  Siege does not play a major role in any combat situation in game at the moment.  However, with Alliance City Combat ... Read More »

Why Wild Troops are Destroying a Lot of Traps Right Now

Valkyrie New

Why Wild Troops are Destroying a Lot of Players Right Now The introduction of Wild Troops has resulted in some very impressive battle reports the last few months. Wild troops have single handedly changed the dynamic of battles as whole, and I'm going to tell you why. Traps are having a hard time because of multiple things. 1. Unfinished Research First, they ... Read More »

The 10 Worst Mistakes You’ll Make in Game of War: Part 2

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The 10 Worst Mistakes You'll Make in Game of War: Part 2 1. You trained troops without completing restorative tree research. Surely if you unlocked your t4 troops before you did the rest of your research, you've made this major mistake. Training millions of t4 troops with no resource reduction likely put a major dent in your rss supply early ... Read More »

The 10 Worst Mistakes You’ll Make in Game of War: Part 1

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The 10 Worst Mistakes You'll Make in Game of War: Part 1 1. You Forgot to Put Up a Peace Shield Brushed your teeth? Check. Put your kids to bed? Check. Switch to resource production gear? Check. Set a peace shield so that you don't get attacked while you're offline... WAKE UP IN A COLD SWEAT. 2. You Tapped Too ... Read More »

New Research Reset Feature?!


New Research Reset Feature?! Month after month readers on Game of War Real Tips have searched for one term more than any other... "Research Reset". This feature doesn't exist yet, but a lot of people want it apparently. You would probably guess that the most searches would be about Cores, Trap Accounts, the Nerf, or even how to get to ... Read More »