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Our Favorite Game of War Memes

Game of War Real Tips

We have all seen the memes, they circulate Line rooms and Discord and bring us all laughter. Today I will bring you some of our favorite... Game of War Memes! Let’s kick this off with everyone’s favorite Shield Memes! Whether your alliance member forgot their shield or you are sitting under a shield here we have memes to cover all! ... Read More »

The 10 Worst Mistakes You’ll Make in Game of War: Part 2

star trek dude facepalm

The 10 Worst Mistakes You'll Make in Game of War: Part 2 1. You trained troops without completing restorative tree research. Surely if you unlocked your t4 troops before you did the rest of your research, you've made this major mistake. Training millions of t4 troops with no resource reduction likely put a major dent in your rss supply early ... Read More »

Protect Your Troops and Hero With A Rally

How To Rally Setting a Ghost Rally is essential to protecting your Troops and Hero. To Ghost Rally is to send your Troops on a Rally March for a set amount of time from 5 minutes to 16 hours so that enemies cannot attack your Troops. To Rally, tap on an enemy Stronghold and tap Rally, you’ll be presented with a screen ... Read More »