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Super Wonder Recap: The Controversial 15 Min March

Super Wonder Kingdom of Fire Game of War GoW

August 2017 Super Wonder is one for the record books! A new record hold time of nearly 1-day was set by ONE with a combined “team time” (ONE and D:V) of well over a day! Congratulations to Ctesse and her Alliance! Team ONE with the help of D:V managed over 30 hours of hold time in a 48 hour event. ... Read More »

Stayalive77 Steps Down Off His Throne

stayalive77 super wonder victor

Stayalive77 Steps Down Off His Throne The longest Emperor in Game of War history, Stayalive77, just decided to step down and let his fellow teammate UMPA FUN make a run for the throne. Here's Stayalive's message to the community his on Facebook: 1 year has passed and I couldn't be happier about the team I had supporting me during this time which allowed ... Read More »

Long Live The Emperor: Stayalive77

stayalive77 super wonder victor

Long Live The Emperor: Stayalive77 Stayalive77, with the help of D:V and no doubt hundreds of other players have won the Super Wonder battle once again. Their experience in Super Wonder battles is unmatched. I believe this win makes it 11 in a row now. The amount of team work involved in winning the Super Wonder is incredible to think about. ... Read More »

The Super Wonder From An Outsider’s Perspective

Super wonder guide pic

The Super Wonder Whether you will admit it or not, deep down, participating in a meaningful way in the ultimate super wonder showdown every month in Game Of War is the dream of every aspiring mega player. Now, I would first like to congratulate StayAlive77, the one and currently only emperor in the game we have invested our lives in. ... Read More »

Moral of The Story, Don’t Try to Rally Stayalive

stayalive rally

Don't Rally Stayalive A couple of players sent us pictures of themselves trying to rally stayalive during the Super Wonder this last weekend. Try to imagine their faces when they saw these battle reports: In case you skimmed through those pictures too fast and didn't see how many troops stayalive has... That's more troops than 99.9999% of Game of War ... Read More »

The Emperor of GOW Gives Feedback To MZ

emperor sceptre

Stayalive77 Gives His Recommendations on GOW For those of you who don't know, Stayalive77, the current emperor of GOW recently posted a pretty big complaint about Game of War on his instagram. Here's what Stayalive said: MZ responds to the Emperor: And now Stayalive77 has posted his suggestions on what he would add to the game: "These are the requests sent to MZ,, ... Read More »

Super Wonder Glitch: Stay De Soma vs. HSZ (Final Response From MZ)

Increased Precision From MZ If you haven't seen the blog yet, as response to the event below, MZ has actually increased the precision of the reports by adding seconds to them. This is huge benefit to players who want to see how action unfolds when it comes down to the wire. Final Official Response From Machine Zone Note: Regardless of ... Read More »

Interview with Stayalive77 : A “Wonderful, Adorable, Loveable Killer”


Interview with Stayalive77 : A "Wonderful, Adorable, Loveable Killer" Article 1: Interview with Stayalive77: A "Wonderful, Adorable, Loveable Killer" Article 2: Interview with Ctesse: "❤️ ONE Team ONE ❤️" Article 3: Interview with Schoolbus Who Has Over 2 Billion Kills Article 4: Interview with Wahid: "The True Kate Upton for Game of War" Article 5: Interview with Kuran: "Once The Top Player ... Read More »