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5 Tips to Building Your Power Fast

5 Tips to Building Your Power Fast Building your Power FAST is one of the most satisfying elements to Game of War. While you make consistent progress, your account gets more powerful and you can participate in more elements of the game... especially the fun part, aka fighting. 1. Use 25% Hero Experience Bonus Items The 25% Hero Experience Bonus Item earns ... Read More »

Game of War: Fire Age – Building Boosts, Descriptions, Tips

Game of War: Fire Age - Buildings In Game of War there are many methods to maximize productivity and efficiency, yet players always seem to overlook using the specific boosts that apply to different buildings. By strategically managing your building, numbers and ratios will put you at a massive advantage over your enemies. In this article I will give a breakdown ... Read More »

9 Top Tips For Game of War: Fire Age

game of war fire age

9 Top Tips For Game of War: Fire Age Tips Game of War is a very complex game. Start with the basic tips I have you below, and then move on to more beginner tips, or our archive of guides on every aspect of the game. 1. Use The Stronghold Upgrade Rotation The Stronghold rotation is the fastest possible way ... Read More »