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Divine Sandguards Gear Set – All In One Eco Gear

GoW Divine Sandguards Gear

Tired of changing from one gear to the next? Wishing that you could just train, research, craft, and power-up with one seamless switch? Or is your inventory overflowing with gear for multiple functions? Now there is a solution!! For the first time ever Game of War has released a gear that can be used for all of these functions!!! A ... Read More »

7 Tips For Troop Training in Game of War

7 Tips For Troop Training in Game of War After talk of all these landmine accounts and strategies I've been posting up on how to spot them, someone asked me how they can increase their troop training speed. Currently, it's taking them 23 hours to train 3,500 T3 troops. 1. Every Level of Villa Equals 1% Training Speed Build and ... Read More »