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Set Gear Leveling – New Barbarian King Levels

GoW Set Gear Leveling

Get your workshop ready to go! New gear levels are here and they are something else! However first things first, if you haven’t been on the game today.. Go activate your shield.. Now! Did you do it? I’m serious… GO!! Okay, so now that you’re sure you are shielded and safe, keep reading. Today the ability to level your Barbarian Kings gear was ... Read More »

Nemesis Defense Gear Set

Nemesis Lord Defense Gear GoW

Nemesis Defense Gear Set Regular gear is the most cost effective and safe gear you can have for a rally trap account. You can use it for as long as you want--the gear is permanent. Also, you don't have to worry about presets or switching it in time before getting hit by a 1 min rally, and you don't have ... Read More »

8 Ways To Spot a Trap Account

game of war trap

How To Spot a Trap Account Trap accounts are the sneakiest play style in Game of War. They are all about creating the perception that your Stronghold is weak, when in reality it's very strong. What Are Traps? A "trap" is a low power account that is specifically built to look weak but is actually very strong. Not only that but ... Read More »

What Are Trap Accounts & Why Are They Awesome?

bishaman dungeon trap feature

The Beginner's Guide to Trap Accounts Article 1: What are Trap Accounts and Why Are They Important? Article 2: The Two Types of Trap Accounts Article 3: The Latest Requirements For A Flawless Trap Account Article 4: 5 Advanced Trap Account Strategies Article 5: Build A Perfect Trap With Only $200 Article 6: Best Trap Account Builds Article 7: 7 Ways to Spot a Trap ... Read More »

Anniversary Colossus Set: Stats, Recipe, Set Bonus, Strategy

colossus gear set

If you're like me and have been waiting for the upgraded Frostlord set to be released, then our wait is over!  The 2016 Anniversary Colossus Set provides massive balanced defense!  Imperial Dragon wasn't bad,  Golden Shogun gave us specific troop defense, and Paladin of Sola felt like a disappointment...  But Colossus is the real deal for any defense junkie in ... Read More »

Best Trap Account Builds

rally trap general vest

Best Trap Account Builds Sometimes making your own decision on how you want your Trap Account to be can be hard. This article will make it simple for you by providing exact specifications for Rally Traps and Solo Traps. Player Submitted Builds These are the latest successful builds submitted by players in the comments sections! R.R. Rally Trap (1-6-16) A good friend ... Read More »

The Reign of Kunoichi’s Kunai is Over

kunoichis kunai

The Reign of Kunoichi's Kunai is Over For months, one piece of gear has given rally leaders a major head ache, the Kunoichi's Kunai. Traps have used this item as their guaranteed protection from rally leaders. "Equip a couple of these daggers and you will be fine," will now be a phrase of the past. The Kunoichi's Kunai changed the game of ... Read More »

Converting to a Rally Trap Account – Part 2: Core Crafting


Converting to a Rally Trap Account - Part 2: Core Crafting Trapping in general can be pretty boring because your action is determined by when others decide to hit you. I’m an impatient person so I decided to go back to the first rule of solo trapping and apply it to my rally trap account; minimize power to appear weak.  ... Read More »

What is the Nerf & Why is it Important?

What Is The Nerf & Why Is It Important? The “Nerf” is term used to describe the weakening of a large amount of troops by the game because someone has too high of a Troop ratio between T1 and T2, to T3 or T4. When Trap Accounts were first invented, they relied off of training a MASSIVE amount of less ... Read More »

4 Piece Core Strategy for Traps


4 Piece Core Strategy for Trap Accounts This Core strategy article is geared towards that mid-range Trap Account that has some Core Research done and might even have 1 Preset unlocked.  I would highly recommend if you are a Trap Account in the 200-600 Mil range, to Research Crafting to at least the 4th Piece and at minimum 1 Preset.  It will ... Read More »