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Trapping 101: The Fundamentals


Game of War is a community and within that community there are subsets of communities. Traps are a community within themselves. Traps keep each other going and the beauty is that when one figures something out everyone else is able to modify to their unique strategy. Many players come to us and ask, How do I build a good trap? ... Read More »

Troop Gear Leveling: Located in Your Barracks!

Troop Gear Leveling Banner Game of War GoW

Improve your base troop stats with Troop Gear Leveling! Head to your barracks to discover a new tab, "Troop Gear," to upgrade your Troop Gear levels. Troop Gear Leveling The in-game blog states that this upgrade applies to all tiers of troops. So, players using low tiers for defense traps benefit from troop gear increases. What sort of increases are ... Read More »