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What Are Trap Accounts & Why Are They Awesome?

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The Beginner's Guide to Trap Accounts Article 1: What are Trap Accounts and Why Are They Important? Article 2: The Two Types of Trap Accounts Article 3: The Latest Requirements For A Flawless Trap Account Article 4: 5 Advanced Trap Account Strategies Article 5: Build A Perfect Trap With Only $200 Article 6: Best Trap Account Builds Article 7: 7 Ways to Spot a Trap ... Read More »

Judging Rally Targets in Game of War

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Game of War changes constantly.  A good target one day will trap your hero the next.  How many times have you burned a target and then capped by a different player with similar power and gear?  How do you know which targets are good to hit and which aren't? Also, if you play the trap how can you make yourself ... Read More »

Battle Tested: Trap Attack vs. Troop Attack


Comparing Troop Attack vs. Trap Attack for Solo Trap Accounts In this article we ask whether or not maxing trap attack provides any benefit for solo trap accounts? I decided to test this on a 76 mill power solo account. The defender has 1.3 mill T3; he used the same equipment and only changed the skill tree. I wanted to see if the skill ... Read More »

Best Trap Account Builds

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Best Trap Account Builds Sometimes making your own decision on how you want your Trap Account to be can be hard. This article will make it simple for you by providing exact specifications for Rally Traps and Solo Traps. Player Submitted Builds These are the latest successful builds submitted by players in the comments sections! R.R. Rally Trap (1-6-16) A good friend ... Read More »

The 10 Worst Mistakes You’ll Make in Game of War: Part 2

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The 10 Worst Mistakes You'll Make in Game of War: Part 2 1. You trained troops without completing restorative tree research. Surely if you unlocked your t4 troops before you did the rest of your research, you've made this major mistake. Training millions of t4 troops with no resource reduction likely put a major dent in your rss supply early ... Read More »

Troop Calculator for Events and Power Boosting


Use The Troop Calculator Now! Under the Calculator tab on the menu bar you will see the "Troop Calculator", I'll explain why it's so useful. The Best Troop Calculator Whether you have used it or not, you will soon find out it saves you TONS of time by doing every calculation you can think of when it comes to training ... Read More »

Game of War Nerf: Explanation and Examples

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Cheating The Nerf Perfectly This reason this post is being updated is because there was a newly discovered truth about the Nerf. My previous articles on the Nerf (now removed and replaced with this one) were left open ended because it was hard to determine the true effects. It seemed that some players were still able to use the Nerf effectively, ... Read More »

How to Avoid Negative Food Production

Game of War Food Tile Trap

How to Avoid Negative Food Production Negative food production is not something to worry about.  There are ways you can avoid it or manage it if you are careful. Most players have negative food production on a regular basis. How to Avoid Negative Food Production Hyper Farming The cheapest way to avoid negative food production is to have 22 farms ... Read More »

Achieve Huge Boosts In Training Speed From Relics


Achieve Huge Boosts In Training Speed From Certain Relics The Training Speed Bonuses from Relics make them worthy of not trading into the Bazaar. When the Bazaar came out in BETA the immediate reaction from a number of people was, “Great, now I can get rid of all my Relic items”. Relics were created for fighting gear, but have been ... Read More »

Wild Troops Tested in Multiple Battle Scenarios

How Wild Troops Perform in Multiple Battle Scenarios Wild Troops are Coming Soon! I'm sure a lot of you have been hearing about the introduction of the Wild troops in Beta a couple weeks ago. I have spent the past two weeks researching them (Which is no small task, even in Beta) and fighting with them to figure out their ... Read More »