The Art of The Set Bonus

game of war set bonus research

The Art of The Set Bonus

The introduction of Set Gear and the Set Bonus Research Tree has significantly increased many of the boosts available in Game of War. If you want even the slightest chance at controlling the wonder, you'll need these.

Here is a quick breakdown explaining the Set Bonus, with some specific examples of some of them. First, it’s important to define the terms we will be using frequently:

Set Gear: Specific Hero Gear Sets with a specific theme. Theme examples are: Research, Troop Training, Defense, Production etc.

Base Set: the first five pieces of a specific Set. Includes Helm, Armor, Feet, Weapon, and one Accessory.

Full Set: Base Set plus two additional Accessories.

Base Set and Full Set Bonusesgame of war set bonus special

Each Hero Gear Set (from both Regular and Core Gear) provides both a Base Set Bonus and a Full Set Bonus. These Bonuses are inherent in the Gear: once you Craft the Gear, you get the Bonus. The size of the bonus depends on Research and Hero Skills.

Specialized Set and Full Set Bonuses

game of war set bonus special

There are also Mystery Special Base Set and Full Set Bonuses for each Set. Mystery Recipe Bonus Boosts apply to Core Secret Recipe Sets only. According to MZ’s description, the “Specialized Set Bonuses are complementary bonuses that are unique to each Set’s theme.” These Bonuses are dependent on the completion of specific Research in the Set Bonus Tree. They are random and can be reset to better suit specific needs. The Magister Set, for example, can be reset to give Stone, Wood, and Food Production Boosts, to name only a few.

Set Bonuses Dramatically Increases Your Gear Statsgame of war set bonus special research

The Set Bonus dramatically increases your possible boosts. For example, I’ve seen Research Boosts from the Magister Set as high as 470% (including the MZ special event boosts). I have also seen total attack boosts (specific troop attack plus troop attack) over 3900%...outside of special MZ bonus boosts. Obviously, this gives HUGE advantages to players with Set Bonus research completed. I have seen power drops up to 198.9 million power in a single hit…with suits only in the 3700% range. That is 5,544,986 T4 killed in a single hit!

Here is an example of a Dragon Suit with a bonus of 3904%:

big hit for set bonus article dragon set for set bonus article2 dragon set for set bonus article1

There are a few other factors, however, that influence these Bonuses:

  1. Set Bonuses require Legendary Gear: one Epic piece nullifies the entire Bonus (I have tested this).
  2. Hero Level and Skill Point allocation: Skill Points applied to Base Set Bonus or Full Set Bonus increases the amount of bonus stats you receive. The Full Set Bonus branch of the Hero Skill Tree is unlocked at Hero 60.

Note: If you have 6/7 Legendary pieces of a Set and Set Tree Research completed to that point, your hero will glow gold for other people. It will not glow gold in your Hero view.

set bonus incomplete enemy view set bonus incomplete personal view

After a lot of experimenting, I think I’ve been able to figure a few other things out:

  • If you have multiple Sets of the same Gear, they will have the same bonus.
  • If there is a way to predict the Bonus (remember that it is random), I haven’t been able to figure it out.
  • You can reset the Bonuses an unlimited amount of times. This gets expensive! Resets for the Set Bonuses can be purchased with gold or with Loyalty Points from the Alliance Store. Athena also gives resets in her Gifts fairly regularly.
  • There are some surprise Bonuses: after a few resets, I got Research Resource Reduction bonuses on my Magister Set.
  • If you find a Bonus you like on a Core Set, you will have the same Bonus on the next set of those specific Cores you Craft (at least, that has been the case in my experience), BUT you must always have a set in your inventory with bonuses you want. If you use up what you have then you will not get the same special set bonus when you craft your next set.
  • These Bonuses do not appear in your Hero Calculator. At least for the additional Attack Bonuses seen in the link above, they won’t be added until after you equip the Gear.

If you have additional insights or questions on Set Bonuses, please post in Comments below!

Game Analysis article contributed by CREED XS.

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  1. what do the different aura colors behind hero equipped mean
    which is the strongest
    i have these colors behind different equipment sets

  2. If I’m sending out an attack march, does my hero have to be in that march in order for that march to receive the gear boosts?

  3. If you are wearing a full set … Does the base set bonus in the hero tree apply to tie statistics. Ie. Is the base set and full set bonus boosts in the hero tree cumulative if my hero is wearing a full set. Just want to know if I should max both the base set and full set bonuses in my hero tree.

    • Yes, you can gain from skilling Base and Full Set bonus skills. Those two stats are additive. If you wear 5 pieces of the set you receive a 5pc bonus and gain an additional stat bonus when you add the next two items of the set, 7 PC set bonus.

      When deciding to skill base set bonus you must decide if the 5 pc bonus increase is worth the points used to get down there or are they better spent in the left side of the tree.

      Good luck Gavin and thanks for your comment!

  4. “Mystery Recipe Bonus Boosts apply to Core Secret Recipe Sets only” If you mean that the Special Bonus only applies to full Secret Core set recipes, this is incorrect. I just tested Odin set cores with random pieces, and I could assign the Special (base 5 set) Bonus, granted it is pretty weak..

  5. I have completed my set bonus research and do not get anywhere near these boosts mine are totally crap I don’t understand why can anyone she’d some light?

  6. Hi would anyone be able to help me with the set bonus please..on magister set I’ve used over 2 million gold resetting it and not once got any research % on the base bonus..or the full bonus ..I keep getting wood stone food and ore production….any help advice would be greatly appreciated thanks

    • It sucks and I’m late on a reply but I have tried and there is no research bonus that can be set with magister, don’t waste your gold it will only give you upkeep or even better a rss reduction %. Just get hero lvl 60 and put points into full base bonus above rally attack in hero spec tree. And try to make it to the base bonus it will get you a good 50% or more research bonus but u must be hero lvl 60. Hope this helps wait for the free base resets with VIP 18

  7. When applying points for the hero skill tree, do you need to use the base set bonus after the cores have been crafted? Or do I only skill the left side of the tree?

  8. So, noob question because I know I’m just missing the obvious. I have Xena balanced set 2, base set 5. I’ve been doing research in Set Bonus tree, and I am only at lvl 4 for the main 5 base sets bonuses. When I view set details, I do not have the option to set special boost. The button is there, but it is disabled. I also to not have presets researched.

    So my noob question is, what research and to what lvl do I need to be able to set special bonuses? Again, sorry if I’m mising the obvious.

    • Bryan – you need to keep researching in the set bonus tree until you unlock the specialized bonuses.

      • @ DLo44 – what is the minimum level of Base Set 5 Bonus research tree that must be completed to unlock the Set Special Bonus for my hero? Or is it only available after all 10 levels for helm, armor, foot, weapon and accessory are completed?

        • I can’t remember exactly now, but I believe you need level 5 for all the base set bonus items (both regular and core equipment) to start researching the specialized bonuses, and higher levels of those require higher levels of base set research.

  9. So If I crafted my blacksmith set before hero level 60 came out with the additional skills to train will my base set bonus be worse then someone who crafts it with . Would my stats be better if I destroyed existing and made a new set with hero tree skills set with max lvl?

  10. I got one for you. I made a secret odin set that includes the mystery bonus and added this to 1 preset. I then made a custom odin using different pieces and added these to another preset. When I looked at this custom odin set, set details, it showed the mystery bonus. However, when I equipped this custom odin, mystery bonus no longer showed when looking at set details. In fact, while this custom set was counting down, I looked at my original secret set details and the mystery bonus was not showing there as well. After the custom burned out, when I looked back at the secret, the mystery bonuses were back. I pmed mz and am waiting for a reply. What do you guys thing, glitch? I had crafted the secret first, so I’m assuming that this is why the custom showed the mystery bonus. What I had been hoping for, was a way to craft a custom odin/4h/em…..set and have it include the mystery bonus. Any ideas?

  11. winterofdiscontent

    There’s an art? I thought it involved maxing research, then paying lots of gold gambling on getting a better specialised set bonus than you currently have. When in doubt, just keep paying more and more gold until you get one you like.

  12. You don’t need to use the secret recipes for set bonuses, do you? Just the legendary cores for the set, and custom pieces are okay?

    • Yes, you can customize, just make sure to use the set’s core. You’ll receive set bonus too, but see my comment below, not sure if the mystery will be applicable.

  13. Also, if you have Hades gems embedded, special bonuses do not apply even when equipped. I’ve noticed this with my fire lord set.