The Best Core Gear You Can Craft And Why


In the past, when someone in Game of War: Fire Age asked about the "Best Core Gear", they stirred up quite a debate. We all had our opinions whether one core set was better than another in a given situation. However, MZ has taken much of the guess work out of choosing the best core sets with their many "secret recipes" posted to the in-game blog.  We will simply call these "MZ Recipes".

Below is a list of the Best Core Sets by troop type and wonder/tile war.

Maximize Your Core Crafting with Powerforged Gear Set

First, it doesn't matter what Cores you choose, if your Hero is not set up properly, you greatly reduce the effectiveness of your Cores.

Always use the Powerforged Gear Set. The Powerforged set increases the duration of your Cores and reduces the cost of crafting along with reduction in cost to power it up using the Gear Workshop or VIP one click power up.

Hero Skills Needed for Core Crafting

Next, properly setup your hero skill tree. This involves going down both the left and right side of the tree. On the right side do just the minimums down to Base Set Bonus  (Hero 57 required), max this out. Put the minimum in Troop Training, then max out Core High Range Boost (Hero 58) and max out Duration (Hero 60), Core Crafting Luck (Hero 65), Power Up Efficiency. Now go over to the left side and do only the minimums down to Full Set Bonus (Hero 60) and max it out.

I've stopped using Base Set Bonus skill on my rally leader account because those skill points are better used on the left side of the tree in new skills.

I use my Powerforged Set when Blessing my teammates.  So, I place all the points I need in the various blessings skills. Also, I use Powerforged Set when I'm crafting my Potions.  So, I place points in "Potion High Range Boost" (Hero 74), "Potion Crafting Luck".  Also, "Potion Duration, Attack, Defense and Health Bonus", "Potion Attack, Defense & Health Bonus", 

Do as you like with your remaining Hero points, but I grab as many defense points on the left side as I can in case someone tries attacking while I'm crafting or I forget to switch to fighting gear when I'm finished.

Altar Defense is very strong because of the multiplier to Defense of 80%.

Test different combinations of the Hero Skill Tree.

Now You're Ready to Craft

Recipes can be found in the Secret Core Recipes.

View the Highest Special Attack Bonuses here.

Official Game of War or MZ Recipe Core Sets

The Best Cores to Craft in Game of War per troop type are the following:

Infantry Core Sets

  1. Moneta
  2. Thanatos - Deathgod's
  3. Styx Core Set - Fategod's
  4. Ice Perses - Destruction God
  5. Black Friday Perses - Destruction God
  6. Perses - Destruction God
  7. Nike - Victory God
  8. Zeus - Thunder God

Ranged Core Sets

  1. Chaos -  Voidguard's
  2. Erebus - Dark Priest
  3. Rhea - Ancestorgod's Origin
  4. Ice Aura - Airgod (Blue)
  5. Black Friday Aura - Airgod (Black)
  6. Aura - Airgod (Gray/silver)
  7. Artemis - Forest God
  8. Poseidon - Depthdweller

Cavalry Core Sets

  1. Nyx - Nightwalker's
  2. Cronus - Timegod's
  3. Ice Luna - Moongod (Blue)
  4. Luna - Moongod
  5. Black Friday Bacchus - Twisted
  6. Bacchus - Twisted
  7. Ares - Wargod
  8. Frostbitten - Arctic

Wonder and Tile War Core Sets

  1. Oceanus - Seafarer's
  2. Hyperion
  3. Aether - Lightgod - Wonder Only Set Bonuses
  4. Nian - Fortunegod
  5. Ice Legend27 - The Legend (Blue)
  6. Ice Atlas - Brawn God (Blue)
  7. Black Friday Legend27 - The Legend (Black)
  8. Black Friday Atlas - Brawn God (Black)
  9. Legend27 - The Legend
  10. Atlas - Brawn God

Note: New core sets don't have to be used as a specific troop type. Rally leaders have so much Troop and Legion attack that any troop type will work with the new cores.  For example with Chaos Core Set you gain the following stats:

  • 355,000,000% Rally Attack vs. Empire
  • 70,000,000% Ranged Attack
  • 70,000,000% Troop Attack
  • 70,000,000% Rally Attack
  • 140,000,000% Troop Defense Debuff
  • 100,000,000% Type Defense Debuff

The image below is from the in-game blog from the night of Chaos core set release

Chaos Core Set Game of War GoW

So, considering Chaos core stats, by using a troop type other than ranged you lose only 70,000,000% attack. Rally leaders will have close to 6,000,000,000% or 6 billion % attack.  Losing 70,000,000% won't make much difference.  So, if your target calls for a split attack or a different troop type then don't worry about using a different core missile.  The new cores can handle any troop type.

Have you leveled up your core gear levels? Check out our Set Gear Leveling Guide.

Custom Core Sets

Custom Sets are those core sets that are crafted without following a Core Forge Set Recipe officially released in Game of War Fire Age.

However, set bonuses of MZ recipes require you to use the cores of the set.  In other words, you don't have to use the pieces of the recipe to receive a set bonus.  The set bonus will not include the Extra Set Bonuses.  The Extra Set Bonuses are only rewarded if you also use the required pieces from the MZ Recipe.

Here are some custom examples:

Anti-Bacchus Core Set

Anti-Nike Core Set

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About Darkthorne

Darkthorne is a seasoned veteran of Game of War Fire Age. He's responsible for thousands of tips and guides. He's helped countless players improve their gameplay. Using a hands-on approach to uncover the secrets of Game of War, Darkthorne stays at the pinnacle of the game and brings his discoveries to all of us to enjoy and benefit! When not playing Game of War or blogging Dark enjoys playing console games, guitar, and traveling the world visiting friends, many of which he met while playing Game of War!

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  1. In your opinion, what is the most effective core set for defense?

  2. My salvagers set has a 140% core crafting speed using the skill setup in this article, using Lucky Charm gem. Is that % correct or should be higher?

  3. Which is the ultimate core for attacking? I crafted Zues, with the same pcs. But since MZ loves to weaken your core presets by coming out with newer stronger cores, I worry I may miss any additions.
    Also, I think it’s prob a good idea to discourage people from crafting anything under lvl 6. Seems like it’s a waste of pcs when you settle for anything less than 6.
    Thanks wfh

    • The Top cores per Troop type are the following:

      Infantry – Styx > Ice Perses > Black Friday Perses > Perses
      Ranged – Ice Aura > Black Friday Aura > Aura
      Cavalry – Ice Luna > Luna

      When using these types of core sets you will send all one troop type of your highest Troop Tier aka T5 if unlocked.

  4. after reading “the best core gear” my question is what is meant by “combined attack”? Is that the total of something or is that a stat of one item? Thank you Tim

  5. Agree just you not showing the Dragon Bone who can do pretty good damage, I have never been disappointed of that core set.

  6. Hello. Do you know what it takes to make a core set “aged”? I saw this during kvk. I have the recipe of what was used, but would love to make then aged.

    Thank you!

  7. on the missile and custom set example towards the bottom of screen are hard to read. I want to copy and try my own custom set kinda based on this example. thanks

  8. Dear MZ Chad, answer here why you deleted this I think this are the best cores that anybody can receive from MZ for free.

  9. Chad, answer here why you deleted this . I think this are the best cores that anybody can receive for free from MZ.

  10. Hello everyone. I was wondering if it was at all possible for you to post on here cores that counter other cores. I am a up and coming rally trap and this information would really help me. Thank you

  11. Just wanted to say that the stats on your ranged missile core (4500/1790/1100) with 670 def deb are way off. i crafted it exactly as told and used to same gems. just thought you might want to know. i would believe it if it were a screen shot. Other than that, this site is decent.

  12. Awesome thanks for debuff set

  13. Where does Emerald Dragon and Dragon Bone Rank in comparison to these?

    • Emerald dragon is mostly used for wonder battles.
      The dragon bone is actually a really good set and in retrospect I should have included mentioning it. It is comparable to the frost set.

  14. How much of those cores’ bonuses come from set bonuses? I ask because I don’t have a lot of the research done yet, and would like to know what kind of stats I can expect.

    • For just about all the sets you need the set research done. Level 8 and up doubles the percentage each time that’s been accumulated. If I remember correctly L8 gives you 25%, L9 50% and Level 10 is 100% of the bonus. Set bonus from the left side of the hero tree gives another 25%.

      This is one of the reasons custom sets can be so popular, no set bonus to worry with or research or having to spend gold resetting them to get the right bonus. I’ve heard of people spending 30 million gold on just the 4H set to get a high troop attack bonus.

  15. Are there Asteroid Cores for weapons and armor types? In my inventory I only find a Asteroid Core in my accessories section. If that’s it, what other cores should be built for this core to go with?

    • Asteroids are the acessories that go with 4H, if you look at their formulas on our Secret Core Recipes page you will see it takes horses to craft them.

  16. The dragon king core weapon recipe Is incorecct I crafted 3 usess staffs until correct recipe

  17. Really Charging info,
    Not gonna happen we share it what you think you are MZ?

  18. I will have another core post this coming week.

  19. Short question. Why do people add defense pieces to attack and health cores? I would say just add only health and attack pieces

  20. testing

  21. Thx Chad, much appreciated!

  22. Where’s the recipe to the bonus stats for the conjoined limbs?

  23. can you post some pics of asteroid core stats made with the above recipes?

  24. I have a question about balancing attack and health/defense for pieces.
    Should I be using 4 attack and 2 health or 3 and 3

  25. how do i post comments or replies on the posts in the forum?

  26. To be honest, the only recipes that look like they’re super core recipes with bonus boosts are the asteroid and comet ones, those pictures of the other ones don’t look special, I get way better boosts out of those cores using dragon pieces.

    • I agree on the other ones. I am averaging 180-230% stats on individual cores before gemmed. Gems should enhance. I have a pic I will send you navi, of a core, a Sufficient Rib Cage Bow, gemmed at 349% And I have a few more recipes for you to add as soon as I get some free time. A friend I know has a full set of range gear, once gemmed, gives over 3000% in a ranged core set. I will see if I can get him to send me info on pics and stats. No guarantees I can, but just stating its possible.

      • Wow that’s epic. Ya I’d be more than happy to post those up

      • With all the new crafting pieces its common to craft attack gear with 3500 attack 1800 defense and 1800 health with around 350 debuffs. The issues are the defensive sets capable of holding off these monster attack sets. Nothing seems to work effectively unless you swap cores per attack which is highly exspensive. There should be a set capable of holding off attackers without constantly changing cores. Any suggestions on this?

  27. This is great, will there be more specific recipes coming?

  28. It is not true that the secret bonuses are the same regardless of piece level. I did a test with all level 1 pieces and got a 2% bonus boost, all level 5 gave about an 11% boost, and 1 level 6 with the rest L5 gave an 18% bonus. These results came from a hidden “mystery boost” combo that I found for one specific core, not asteroid or comet. The bonus for combo of pieces appears to be specific to that core, since I cannot replicate it on any other core using the same pieces.

  29. why cant i even see the article if im sign up and logged in?

  30. how to remove t3 traps to t4

  31. Wish you didn’t post this.. a lot don’t know this.

    • Because people want valuable information when they pay money haha.

    • It therefore stands to reason that people should be informed so that as a collective force united kingdoms and smaller players shall stand a better chance. All people are entitled to the same information and devo in all honesty I’d be more worried if people didn’t know about it. Now if you have a problem with someone trying to help people out that’s your problem.

  32. Nice stuff Chad!!! Thanks for your efforts 🙂

  33. CyberNetwork #404

    Stop stealing ideas from other sites and charging for it!! You’ll probably block this comment like last time, huh?

    • You clearly see by the date that I posted this content before any other site. I have no idea what you are talking about.

      • I am not sure of how to make a direct comment. So I am forced to make a reply. This article is a month old. Any chance we get new recipes.

        #1 Catastrophic (lots of guys were using this at sw) I have tried multiple combinations and can’t figure out how to craft this

        I would be willing to share some of my recipes in exchange for this one (fine, aged, inseperable, etc)

      • Checked.

    • CHAD! You are an amazing human being. Glad to see you do NOT let the HATERZZ affect the positive influence you share with us! Keep SHARING! We are watching, waiting and listening!!!