The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Trapping in the Dragon Dimension 3

A Closer look at Research as a Trap in the Dragon Dimension

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Hello, my lovely Dragon crew! Hopefully, you have been having a ton of fun and you are out there building up and getting ready for battle. We are back with more recommendations for building a trap in the Dragon Dimension. We have spent some time building this complete hand-holding guide to trapping in the Dragon Dimension with our thoughts and top recommendations for different features for traps currently. Remember though the game is always changing and you want to be sure that you are also taking the time to learn how stats work and more so that you can adjust and evolve with the game. 

A Quick Recap


We are going to do a quick recap for those of you who are just joining us in this series. We have released two articles prior to this both have discussed different things and while we will not give the details here because we have a lot more to discuss we will let you know what you can find in the previous articles. 

Part One

We took a quick look at different things you just need to be aware of as a trap including:

  1. Hidden Stats versus Visible Stats
  2. Empire Quests
  3. Power
  4. Testing
  5. To Burn or Not to Burn
  6. Capping

We also began to take a quick look at the building of a trap by diving a little into Troop counts, troop composition, and other important troop factoids. It was some great information to kick us off and if you really want to know more please go back and read part 1. 

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Trapping in the Dragon Dimension 

Part Two

In Part two we began to dive into the building of a trap. Here we looked at different buildings and some of the features that go hand in hand with these buildings. Here is a list of the buildings we covered: 

  1. Stronghold
  2. Barracks, Hospitals, and Villas
  3. Wall and Monster Lair
  4. Master Garrison
  5. Athena’s Armory 
  6. Alchemy Lab
  7. Gear Workshop

For more details on these buildings be sure to go back and read part 2. However, we have lots to learn and limited time so we are going to move on to our new info for part three. 

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Trapping in the Dragon Dimension 2 

The Education of a Trap

Trapping can feel like a lot. There is a vast amount of knowledge needed and there is not a quick answer. As I have previously stated I am taking you through a comprehensive list of what I look at when I help people with their traps and do my own to help you better be able to build. We have hit some pretty big topics already and this week we are going to hit another big-ticket item, Research. 

The History of Research as a Trap

Research has seen a lot of change since the early days of trapping. There used to be a time where traps only completed the necessities. Completing massive amounts of research impacted your ability to stay small and most traps did not like the power associated with research. We saw some of this in the early days of the Dragon Dimension. 

However, as the Dragon Dimension has progressed so has Research and the way we view it as traps. There are a lot of great stats that come with Research and most of the research that has been released after the crafting tree actually has no power gain associated with it. The exception to this being the T5 extension on the Combat and Wall Traps tree.

Five Realtip Research Recommendations

We have Five Realtip Research Recommendations (you like that alliteration there?). These include everything from knowing what research to do to know what visible signs may give you away as being highly researched as a trap. 

Realtip Research Recommendation One: Do Not worry about Power

When we look at our Research everything from Crafting down gives power and has Academy level requirements. However, at this point the power gain is so minimal it is not something we need to worry about. All of the newer researches are power-free which gives traps awesome opportunities to give stats with no visible gains. 

Realtips Research Recommendation Two: Consider your Academy Level

Certain researches do have Academy level requirements. The highest requirement out there is level 50. However, even to complete crafting research you must have Academy 40. Crafting is integral to getting the best stats possible on our gear. So this is something that is important to keep in mind. In order to open Regular T5, your academy must be at level 50 and this also provides a T3 RSS reduction for training so if you are even using Wild or Strategic T5 it is beneficial to complete this Research. Players with Academy’s lower than 50 are going to be missing out on essential building blocks when it comes to research. This is part of the reason we recommended having at least Stronghold 50 in the previous guide. 

Realtips Research Recommendation Three: Know what research to prioritize

We spend a lot of time talking about research on the site and we have tons of articles covering research in the Dragon Dimension. I will link you to a few in a minute. However, it is important to know how to prioritize your research as a trap and to know how to do that you must know what stats are currently being prioritized, without the long explanation (that’s in another article) as traps those stats are: 

  1. Empire Defender Health
  2. Empire Defender Defense
  3. Empire Defender Attack
  4. Type Stats

Your top priorities should be the research that gives you the most of these stats. However, do not forget the building blocks!! If you only focus on the newest research because generally, that gives the highest stats then you will have many gaps in your stats that will weaken you. 

Realtips Recommendation Four: Know what Research gives what stats

Take the time to really go through the different researches and see what they offer. Compare these to other places you can get stats and know where you will get the most stats for the lowest price in order to really be efficient with your research and your spending. Once again, we spend a ton of time talking about research and we have all sorts of articles that cover different research trees. 

Articles covering research in the Dragon Dimension
Realtip Recommendation Five: Do Research Wisely and then hide it

Use your boosts and the money-saving tips we give in the first guide in the list of research articles. You are going to need a ton of resources to be able to build up and build up well. So make sure you optimize what you do have and if you’re a lazy trap like me VIP 81 is lovely with the instant multiple research button it opens up! While you lose the benefits of Alliance helps you are able to complete multiple levels of research at once and save a ton of time. 

Finally, be sure to hide the research you are doing! When you drop your shield take the time to toss on Anti-Scout by doing this, leads who want to scout you will not be able to see the level of research you have completed. 

Banners, Gear, VIP, Dragons, Gems, and More… oh my! 

We have so much more information to cover. Trapping well has many elements and everything matters. We are going to continue in The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Trapping Four soon. You want to keep reading as we are working our way through every element we consider when building a trap! We will also be providing a list of additional resources for trapping so keep an eye out for those! 

To be Continued… 

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